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Animals in Indonesia
Indonesia is a tropical archipelago in Southeast Asia that stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific and is made up of provinces including Sumatra, Java and western New Guinea. It encompasses a land area of three quarters of a million square miles and a maritime area of nearly eight million. Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands of which 6000 are inhabited and hosts miles of white sand beaches along coastal plains and rises into mountainous, heavily forested highlands. Indonesia is a rich and diverse land with multiple cultures, languages and religions with the majority of the 234 million people being Muslims.

Indonesia has vast tracts of wilderness areas and has the second highest level of bio-diversity behind Brazil. The flora and fauna of Indonesia is a combination of Asian and Australian species owing to a mating of New Guinea and Australia in the distant geological past. The western islands host Asiatic species while in the eastern regions, evidence of Australian influences are apparent. Each island has its own distinctive sub-species and many animals that are indigenous to one will be absent in another close neighboring island.

If there is a symbol that best represents Indonesia, it is the lovable
Orangutan that is found in Sumatra but not in Java. The elephant and tapir are found only in Sumatra and the rhino and
banteng, a wild ox, is only found in Java. On the island of Komodo in the East Nusa Tengara, lives the world's largest living lizard, the Komodo Dragon. These holdovers from prehistoric times can reach a length of up to 12 feet and have been residents of the island for a half a million years.

Primates, reptiles and bird life are well represented on the islands and on many you'll find leopards, tigers and bears.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Indonesia.
Even-toed ungulates in Indonesia
Bawean deer
Mountain anoa
Bearded pig
Celebes pig
Wild boar
Greater mouse deer
Bornean yellow muntjack
Indian muntjac
Javan pig
Carnivores in Indonesia
Indian grey mongoose
Indian smooth-coated otter
Asiatic golden cat
Javan mongoose
Collared mongoose
Hog badger
Malayan stink badger
Yellow-throated marten
Malayan sun bear
Malayan weasel
Banded palm civet
Indonesian mountain weasel
Brown palm civet
Small-toothed palm civet
Gem-faced civet
Asian palm civet
Leopard cat
Javan ferret-badger
Flat-headed cat
Banded linsang
Fishing cat
Malayan civet
Asiatic wild dog
Small indian civet
Otter civet
Marbled cat
Clouded leopard
Short-tailed mongoose
Common otter
Bay cat
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Indonesia
Grey dolphin
Cuvier's beaked whale
Chinese white dolphin
Irrawaddy dolphin
Common minke whale
Killer whale
Coalfish whale
Bryde's whale
Bridled dolphin
Blue whale
Euphrosyne dolphin
Common rorqual
Long-beaked dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Pygmy sperm whale
Blainville's beaked whale
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Fraser's dolphin
Melon-headed whale
False killer whale
Pygmy killer whale
Black finless porpoise
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Pacific pilot whale
Bats in Indonesia
Lesser false vampire bat
Gray flying-fox
Greater bamboo bat
Halmahera blossom bat
Naked-rumped pouched bat
Western naked-backed fruit bat
Lesser tube-nosed bat
Dark sheath-tailed bat
Javan tailless fruit bat
Small flying-fox
Sulawesi yellow bat
Beaufort's naked-backed fruit bat
Common tube-nosed fruit bat
Round-eared tube-nosed bat
Temminck's tailless fruit bat
Lombok flying fox
Southern blossom bat
Greater asiatic yellow bat
Biak naked-backed fruit bat
Pallas's tube-nosed fruit bat
Northern mastiff bat
Flores tube-nosed bat
Big-eared flying fox
White-striped free-tailed bat
Lesser asiatic yellow bat
Sulawesi naked-backed fruit bat
Mountain tube-nosed fruit bat
Northern free-tailed bat
Brown tube-nosed bat
Black-bearded flying fox
Hairy-winged bat
Moluccan naked-backed fruit bat
Gould's long-eared bat
Acuminate horseshoe bat
Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat
Temminck's trident bat
Black-eared flying fox
Greenish naked-backed fruit bat
Sunda long-eared bat
Intermediat horseshoe bat
Bismarck flying-fox
Blanford's bat
Greater long-eared bat
Arcuate horseshoe bat
Hairless bat
Black-capped fruit bat
Ceram fruit bat
Gaskell's false serotine
Bornean horseshoe bat
Flores woolly bat
Masked flying fox
Biak roundleaf bat
Canut's horseshoe bat
Hardwicke's woolly bat
Geelvink bay flying fox
Dusky roundleaf bat
Javan mastiff bat
Sulawesi horseshoe bat
Gray-headed flying fox
Bicolored roundleaf bat
Creagh's horseshoe bat
Bismarck's trumpet-eared bat
Little golden-mantled flying fox
Long-winged tomb bat
Short-headed roundleaf bat
Lesser long-tongued frut bat
Broad-eared horseshoe bat
Papillose woolly bat
Large-footed bat
Philippine gray flying fox
Black-bearded tomb bat
Fawn roundleaf bat
Dayak fruit bat
Greater long-tongued fruit bat
Blyth's horseshoe bat
Clear-winged woolly bat
Spotted-winged fruit bat
Hairy-faced bat
Theobald's tomb bat
Telefomin roundleaf bat
Woolly horseshoe bat
Painted bat
Malayan tailless leaf-nosed bat
Large flying fox
Timor roundleaf bat
Big-eared horseshoe bat
Whitehead's woolly bat
Hodgson's bat
Diadem roundleaf bat
Smaller horseshoe bat
Neriad horseshoe bat
Lesser large-footed bat
Fierce roundleaf bat
Rohu's bat
Large-eared horseshoe bat
Dayak roundleaf bat
Kelaart's pipistrelle
Lesser tube-nosed fruit bat
Least horseshoe bat
Lesser dog-faced fruit bat
Horsfield's bat
Cantor's roundleaf bat
Greater sheath-tailed bat
Lesser woolly horseshoe bat
Horsefield's fruit bat
Whiskered myotis
Crested roundleaf bat
Javan pipistrelle
Raffray's sheath-tailed bat
Small asian sheath-tailed bat
Lesser brown horseshoe bat
Nusatengarra short-nosed fruit bat
Ridley's bat
Intermediat roundleaf bat
Stripe-faced fruit bat
Beccari's sheath-tailed bat
Trefoil horseshoe bat
Greater short-nosed fruit bat
Himalayan whiskered bat
Big-eared roundleaf bat
Minahassa pipistrelle
Lesser sheath-tailed bat
Insular horseshoe bat
Kei myotis
Little long-fingered bat
Greater dawn bat
Lucas' short-nosed fruit bat
Greater mouse-tailed bat
Western bent-winged bat
Swift fruit bat
Maggie taylor's roundleaf bat
Fly river roundleaf bat
Lesser dawn bat
Javan slit-faced bat
Least roundleaf bat
Malayan slit-faced bat
Small bent-winged bat
Narrow-winged pipistrelle
Sulawesi flying-fox
Great bent-winged bat
Black flying fox
Least pipistrelle
Bare-backed rousette
Northern broad-nosed bat
Talaud flying-fox
Malayan free-tailed bat
Ambon flying fox
Wollaston's roundleaf bat
Geoffroy's rousette
Broad-striped tube-nosed fruit bat
Sunda flying-fox
Sulawesi free-tailed bat
Ashy-headed flying-fox
Javan thick-thumbed bat
Sulawesi rousette
Round-eared tube-nosed fruit bat
Small-toothed fruit bat
Beccari's mastiff bat
Ambon flying-fox
Common thick-thumbed bat
Leschenault's rousette
Dragon tube-nosed fruit bat
Sumatran mastiff bat
Spectacled flying-fox
Lesser bamboo bat
Moss-forest blossom bat
Lesser naked-backed fruit bat
Dark tube-nosed fruit bat
Pygmy fruit bat
Southern free-tailed bat
Dasyuroid marsupials and marsupial carnivores in Indonesia
Short-furred dasyure
Long-nosed antechinus
Lesser antechinus
Black-tailed antechinus
Red-cheeked dunnart
Three-striped dasyure
Red-bellied dasyure
Narrow-striped dasyure
New guinean quoll
Speckled dasyure
Flying lemurs in Indonesia
Malayan flying lemur
Kangaroos, possums, wallabies, and relatives in Indonesia
Long-tailed pygmy possum
Common phalanger
Stein's cuscus
Greater forest wallaby
Obi island cuscus
Common spotted cuscus
Gray dorcopsis
Mountain cuscus
Brown dorcopsis
Moluccan cuscus
Black-spotted cuscus
Lesser forest wallaby
Silky cuscus
Agile wallaby
Bear cuscus
Little celebes cuscus
D'albertis ringtail possum
Goldon ringtail possum
Coppery ringtail possum
Great-tailed triok
Long-fingered triok
Dusky pademelon
Striped possum
Doria's tree kangaroo
Goodfellow's tree kangaroo
Sugar glider
Grizzled tree kangaroo
Feathertail possum
Black tree-kangaroo
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Indonesia
Indian hare
Sumatran rabbit
Monotremes in Indonesia
Long-beaked echidna
Short-beaked echidna
Bandicoots and bilbies in Indonesia
Northern brown bandicoot
Clara bandicoot
Common echymipera
Long-nosed echymipera
Striped bandicoot
Mouse bandicoot
Raffray's bandicoot
Ceram bandicoot
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Indonesia
Sumatran rhinoceros
Javan rhinoceros
Asian tapir
Pangolins in Indonesia
Malayan pangolin
Primates in Indonesia
Agile gibbon
Crab-eating macaque
Dwarf gibbon
Common gibbon
Grizzled leaf monkey
Pig-tailed macaque
Javan gibbon
Banded langur
Celebes black macaque
White-faced langur
Booted macaque
Gray leaf monkey
Tonkean black macaque
Mitred leaf monkey
Long-tailed langur
Maroon langur
North sumatran leaf monkey
Horsfield's tarsier
Dian's tarsier
Lesser spectral tarsier
Eastern tarsier
Bornean gibbon
Long-nosed monkey
Ebony leaf monkey
Slow loris
Elephants in Indonesia
Asian elephant
Rodents in Indonesia
Opossum rat
Shaw mayer's water rat
Large tree mouse
Hagen's flying squirrel
Cream-coloured giant squirrel
Thick-spined porcupine
Chestnut white-bellied rat
Squirrel-toothed rat
Little soft-furred rat
Giant naked-tailed rat
Chestnut tree mouse
Ranee mouse
Siberut flying squirrel
Black giant squirrel
Sunda porcupine
Molaccan prehensile-tailed rat
Giant white-tailed rat
Minahassa ranee mouse
Arrow flying squirrel
Tufted ground squirrel
Sumatran porcupine
Peleng rat
Mimic tree-rat
Lesser ranee mouse
Temminck's flying squirrel
Spiny rat
Sulawesian shrew rat
Salokko rat
Vordermann's flying squirrel
Mentawi flying squirrel
Ryukyu mouse
Dusky mosaic-tailed rat
Lovely-haired rat
Sody's tree rat
Fawn-colored mouse
Manusela mosaic-tailed rat
Celebes rat
Flores cave rat
Sumatran shrewlike mouse
Sulawesi montane rat
Pencil-tailed tree mouse
Earth-colored mouse
White-bellied mosaic-tailed rat
Sulawesi forest rat
Koopman's pencil-tailed tree mouse
Volcano mouse
Lorentz's mosaic-tailed rat
Tondano rat
Gray-bellied pencil-tailed tree mouse
Thomas's mosaic-tailed rat
Bornean mountain ground squirrel
Small pencil-tailed tree mouse
Obi mosaic-tailed rat
White-toothed brush mouse
Lowland mosaic-tailed rat
Sulawesi spiny rat
Lesser small-toothed rat
Flores giant tree rat
Bower's white-toothed rat
Mountain mosaic-tailed rat
Ceram rat
Eastern small-toothed rat
Verhoeven's giant tree rat
Celebes shrew rat
Black-tailed mosaic-tailed rat
Sunburned rat
Moss-forest rat
Alpine woolly rat
Coarse-haired water rat
Northern water rat
Annandale's rat
Secretive dwarf squirrel
Glacier rat
Subalpine woolly rat
Rothschild's woolly rat
Short-haired water rat
Rice-field rat
Whitish dwarf squirrel
Slender rat
Komodo rat
Andrew's hill rat
Groove-toothed shrew mouse
Bonthain rat
Celebes dwarf squirrel
Beccari's margareta rat
Yellow-haired hill rat
Sula rat
Weber's dwarf squirrel
Elegant margareta rat
Sulawesi giant rat
Three-striped ground squirrel
Heavenly hill rat
Enggano rat
Mountain giant rat
Little margareta rat
Sulawesi bear rat
Niobe ground squirrel
Fraternal hill rat
Polynesian rat
Long-tailed shrew rat
Bartels's rat
Bartels's spiny rat
Flores long-nosed rat
Mentawai three-striped squirrel
Narrow-tailed white-bellied rat
Heinrich's hill rat
Spiny ceram rat
Tate's shrew rat
Müller's giant sunda rat
Dollman's spiny rat
Trefoil-toothed giant rat
Long-tailed mountain rat
Bartel's flying squirrel
Inland hill rat
Black-eared squirrel
Hole rat
Brooke's squirrel
Hellwald's spiny rat
Large bamboo rat
Gray tree rat
Gray-cheeked flying squirrel
Long-headed hill rat
Hainald's rat
Western shrew mouse
Fraternal squirrel
Sulawesi soft-furred rat
Sumatran spiny rat
Edwards's long-tailed giant rat
Sipora flying squirrel
Kloss squirrel
Hoffmann's rat
Smoky flying squirrel
Horse-tailed squirrel
Least pygmy squirrel
Fat-nosed spiny rat
Spotted giant flying squirrel
Long-tailed giant rat
Simalur rat
Red-cheeked flying squirrel
Mentawai squirrel
Mottled-tailed shrew mouse
Hoogerwerf's rat
Pagai spiny rat
Long-tailed porcupine
Jentink's squirrel
Tufted pygmy squirrel
Musschenbroek's spiny rat
Red giant flying squirrel
Mentawai long-tailed giant rat
Dusky field rat
Sumatran flying squirrel
Black-striped squirrel
Japen rat
Rajah spiny rat
Red tree rat
Low's squirrel
Chestnut-bellied spiny rat
Shrew-faced squirrel
Indian giant flying squirrel
Long-footed water rat
Stein's rat
Western white-eared giant rat
Plantain squirrel
Koopman's rat
Red spiny rat
Watts's spiny rat
Golden-bellied water rat
Slender squirrel
Rümmler's brush mouse
Ernst mayr's water rat
Timor rat
Montane long-nosed squirrel
Prevost's squirrel
Black flying squirrel
Korinch's rat
Cape york rat
Whitehead's spiny rat
Mountain water rat
Lowland brush mouse
New guinean jumping mouse
Malayan field rat
Lowland long-nosed squirrel
Thomas's flying squirrel
Mentawai rat
One-toothed shrew-mouse
Western water rat
Shaw mayer's brush mouse
Whiskered flying squirrel
Sulawesi giant squirrel
Yellow-tailed rat
Malayan porcupine
Dark-tailed tree rat
Tree shrews in Indonesia
Pen-tailed tree shrew
Striped tree shrew
Common tree shrew
Slender tree shrew
Javan tree shrew
Pygmy tree shrew
Painted tree shrew
Golden-bellied tree shrew
Ruddy tree shrew
Bornean tree shrew
Large tree shrew
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Indonesia
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