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Animals in Bangladesh
In the country of Bangladesh, there is a wide range of terrain available for certain species of animals. Bangladesh consists of hill forests, savannas, grasslands, mangroves, and it contains portions of the eastern Himalayas. With such a wide range of habitats, it's no surprise that the country hosts a variety of animal species.

The most important animal or species of animals to Bangladesh is the Royal Bengal Tiger. In fact, this tiger is so important to Bangladesh that it is their national animal. This tiger can be found in the Sundarban Mangroves of southwest Bangladesh. The tiger is the largest of the big cats and sports a highly exuberant stripe pattern. It is a truly stunning animal although highly endangered.

Other varieties of animals include deer, elephants, apes, and monkeys. The
Sambar deer is found in the wooded hills of the northeast. The '
Chital' or spotted deer can be commonly found in the forests of the Sundarban. Each of these deer is unique in the way they alert the herd and their size. The Sambar deer are one of the largest species of deer on the planet. Some weigh up to 300 kilograms.

Bangladesh hosts a variety of primates. They most commonly reside in the Sundarbans and Hill Tracts. The protected elephants also reside in the Hill Tracts further to the east. Generally a herd of elephants moves back and forth from Bangladesh to nearby India with up to 300 wild elephants surviving.

The country has over 650 types of birds, over 115 types of reptiles, and over 200 different varieties of freshwater fish. Each of these species live in the habitats mentioned above. The fish live right across a large chunk of coastline on the south side. Bangladesh in also home to unique insects such as the Medaura jobrensis or the stick insect.

Although Bangladesh has a large variety of animals, many of them are becoming endangered. The loss of certain habitats and poaching is decreasing populations to certain species. There are reservations and areas that strive to protect some of these highly endangered animals. Hopefully with the proper care, the famous tigers or elephants of Bangladesh can flourish once more.

The animals have a special bond with each other and the environment. Bangladesh is able to provide many different kinds of environment to suit an animal's needs. Protecting those environments is just as important as protecting the animals.

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