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Algeria is an African country that is located on the Northwest part of Africa. It is officially referred to as the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. Its capital city is known as Algiers and after Sudan which was originally the largest country in Africa was split up, Algeria is now the largest in terms of land area. It is also the tenth largest country in the world in terms of land area and it borders Tunisia in the northeast side, Libya to the east and Morocco to the west.
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Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and ever since the Roman times, it has been and remained the port of the country. It has a touch of Maghreb to it with the zig-zag alleys, numerous mosques and casbah. Because it was also commercialized by the French during the colonial times, Algiers is magnificent with the whitewashed facades and balconies that are painted blue which is significant with the French.
Because almost 80-90% of Algeria is in the Sahara desert, you can actually get camel trekking rides into the Sahara desert which has vast endless seas of sand. It is such an unforgettable experience which can be quite exciting for tourists and other people who have never trekked on deserts before or had rides on camels. This is actually one of the tourism features of Algeria.
Constantine is a natural citadel that lies across River Rhumenl in the eastern side of Algeria. This is the oldest continuously city that is inhabited in Algeria and was founded by the Carthaginians who actually named in Cirta. There are two sites that are magnificent in Constantine; the Ahmed Bey Palace which is the most picturesque place you can find in Maghreb. The other great place to see while in Constantine is the Djamma el-Kebir Mosque.
The Sahara sand dunes are really high and extremely magnificent. Not only is their sight beautiful but also the thought of skiing comes to mind when you see one. There are several tour agencies that operate in Algeria that can offer this service or you can as well bring your own skis.
The Sahara Desert is without doubt the most striking feature of Algeria. The country is said to be 90% in the Sahara desert which is one of the world's largest. This is one nature's magnificent creations in Algeria.

The capital of Algeria is Algiers. The currency of Algeria is the Algerian Dinar(DZD) Flag of Algeria

Algeria is an African country

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Airports in Algeria

Bou-Saada, Bejaia, Dar-El-Beida, Djanet, Illizi, Setif, Tamanrasset - Aguenna, Jijel Achouat, Mecheria, Annaba, Constantine, Skikda, Tebessa, Batna, Tilrempt-Hassi R'mel, Djelfa, Tiaret, Tindouf, Chlef, Oran-Tafaraoui, Tlemcen Zenata, Bechar, Mascara-Ghriss, In Guezzam, Bordj Mokhtar, Adrar, Biskra, El Golea, Ghardaia, Hassi-Messaoud, In Salah North, Touggourt, Laghouat, El Oued, Timimoun, Ouargla, In Amenas, and Oran - Es Senia

Leaders of Algeria
The Country dialling code of Algeria is +213, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Algeria is .dz

List of oil fields in Algeria (35)

Map of Algeria



Languages spoken in Algeria

Arabic, Tamazight

Animals native to Algeria / which animals live in Algeria?

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Airlines in Algeria

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Algeria

28 00 N, 3 00 E

Kilometers of coastline

998 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

2,381,740 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

0 square kilometers

Birth rate

17.11 / 1000 population

Death rate

4.62 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

5,690 sq km
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