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In Greece there is an island called Santorini. On the island of Santorini lays an ancient city called Akrotiri. Akrotiri was once home to the Minoan civilization. Today it is home to a large archeological site to unearth the city and find its wonders.
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Akrotiri was destroyed and buried by a volcano around 1450 BC. The Minoan civilization was forced to leave the island after a series of earthquakes. The volcano erupted shortly afterward and covered the city in ash, preserving the items left behind.
Akrotiri is open to visitors to explore and however the archeological site is closed to the public. Visitors can visit the town below the original town on the top. Visitors can walk around the island and see the caldera of the volcano. Visitors wanting to stay on the island will find lodging for a nights rest and taverns to enjoy a bite to eat or a drink.
Archeologist's have discovered that Akrotiri buildings show wall-paintings. The buildings discovered also include furniture and other household items including bowls and vases. Another thing that Archeologist's have found while uncovering the city are paintings of vessels.
Akrotiri has been discovered to be a city of development. Archeologist's have seen items that were imported into the city showing great prosperity and relationships with other cities and countries. Paintings of vessels show that they were an advanced civilization with the ability to travel on the seas. The city included a drainage system for water. Akrotiri was one of the first cities to include multi-storeyed buildings. Buildings have been discovered that were three story's high.
The city of Akrotiri started in the 4th millennium B.C. The city grew in size over the years until around 1450 B.C. Before it's destruction Akrotiri was one of the main ports of the Aegean.

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Akrotiri

34 37 N, 32 58 E

Kilometers of coastline

56.3 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

square kilometers

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square kilometers

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/ 1000 population

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/ 1000 population

Irrigated land

sq km
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