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When Barbados was discovered in 1625, it was an island that was completely covered with lush green tropical vegetation. Like many islands, it was shrouded by the thick forest from the hot sun during the daytime which also offered great shelter during rain. This type of setting became a great hunting ground for ham lovers as wild pigs heavily populated the island.
Once word got back to the British Isles of another great place to harvest tropical foods and inherent island natural resources, another band of settlers traveled there with many provisions for settling the island. They arrived in February on the 17th day in 1627, ready to cut down foliage and trees and build homes. There were some 80 colonists carried by the British fleet and a work force of only 10 African slaves.
As life carried on in Barbados, rats must have also made the settler's journey, for they were thriving in the tropical paradise as were the colonists. They were becoming a nuisance after some time. An idea that mongooses should be brought in to rid the island of the nasty rats. A group was delivered from India and turned loose amongst the sugarcane to get the rats. The mongoose enjoys the morning and afternoons of the island, while the rats sleep. These two species shared the island together, never crossing paths and instead the snakes disappeared as the main course for the mongoose, making the night life for the rats even more robust.
Barbados has spawned some great talent. Some were the most beautiful natives of the island. One such native is Robyn Rhianna Fenty. Having immense and marketable talents in singing and performing, she left the island at age sweet sixteen with producer Evan Rogers to work for Def Jam Recordings and on a recording career in the United States. She lauded to become a mega pop star with numerous hit records yielding four Grammys.
Barbados is a favorite place to have a happy start. There have been many wonderful weddings in Barbados. Despite the horrible publicity that completely exposed the world's most famous Pro Tour Golfer, Tiger Woods started out his married life in Barbados by marrying Elin Nordegren there in 2004. What appeared to be a happy couple that had an enviable start at a life together, only six years later appeared to be a beleaguered codependent - sex addict relationship that would fail.

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown. The currency of Barbados is the Barbados Dollar(BBD) Flag of Barbados

Barbados belongs to the North American continent

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Airports in Barbados

Grantley Adams International Airport

Leaders of Barbados
The Country dialling code of Barbados is +1 246, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Barbados is .bb

Map of Barbados



Languages spoken in Barbados


Animals native to Barbados / which animals live in Barbados?

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Barbados

13 10 N, 59 32 W

Kilometers of coastline

97 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

431 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

0 square kilometers

Birth rate

12.61 / 1000 population

Death rate

8.61 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

50 sq km
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