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Animals in Bermuda
There are very few natural born animals to the region of Bermuda. Many of the animals, lizards and sea creatures in Bermuda were imported to the country at some point in time. These imported creatures have become native to the island and live, breed and survive just fine in its warm climate.

Bermuda Rock Lizards, or Bermuda Rock Skink, are one of the few native born animals that live in Bermuda. These lizards can be found living inside the limestone caves. This lizard once could be found in abundance here but is now on Bermudas endangered species list mostly due to the population and the clutter that it brings with it. It is under the protection of the 2003 Bermuda Protected Species Act. The adult Bermuda Rock Lizard can reach a length of seven inches when it hits full maturity. A diet for this type of lizard is mainly insects and even some small crustaceans.

There are other lizards that can be found in Bermuda, which are now native to the area. These include the Antiguan Anole, or Sumerset Lizard, which was imported to the area in the early 1940's. There is also the Barbados Anole, or Warwick Lizard, which also arrived in Bermuda around the same time as the Antiguan Anole. This reptile can reach a length of 14 inches long when it is fully mature. Another type of lizard which was imported in the early 1900's to Bermuda is called the Jamaican Anole. This little lizard is somewhat of a chamelion as it has the ability to quickly change its outer coloring from a darkened brown to green and even blue.

Bermuda Longtails, one of the national symbols of the region, are a native bird to Bermuda as well as to many warm, tropical coasts. These warm climate birds tend to stay near coastal areas and dine on the delicacies found there. A normal diet for the Bermuda Longtail usually consists of fish, water insects and even squids. These beautiful white tailed birds have had their share of problems finding habitats since much has been wiped out from damage caused to their natural surrounds by hurricanes and human housing developments. The Bermuda Maritime Museum has taken huge measurements to insure that this beautiful bird does not go extinct. They have built igloos that the Bermuda Longtail can use to nest in.

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