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Animals in Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands, with their tropical and subtropical environment, are home to a range of animals that can be found nowhere else. These species rely on the islands' vegetation, which includes mangrove forests, freshwater swamp forests, and several variations of rain forests, as well as seasonally dry forest, and grassland.

No fewer than 69 types of birds on the Solomon Islands are not found anywhere else in the world. Just a few include the Makira Moorhen, the Yellow-bibbed Lory, the Buff-headed Coucal, and the Splendid White-eye. Finsch's pygmy-parrot, singing parrot, Ducorps' cockatoo also make this list. Other bird groups found in the Solomon Islands include frigate birds, herons, egrets, boobies, cormorants, ducks, and

Mammal diversity is not a broad as bird life. Only 47 mammal species live on the islands, yet more than half of these are endemic or near endemic, meaning they are not seen anywhere else. These include numerous rodent species and at least 17 types of bat. Several of the bat species are critically endangered: Bougainville monkey-faced, Guadalcanal monkey-faced, and montane monkey-faced. Three rodent species, Specht's mosaic-tailed, Poncelet's giant, and emperor rat are all endangered, according to the World Wildlife Federation. Several types of foxes endemic to the islands are the Lesser Flying Fox,
Ontong Java flying fox
Ontong Java Flying Fox, Santa Cruz Flying Fox, and
Vanikoro flying fox
Vanikoro Flying Fox. The waters surrounding the islands are a great place to see the Humpback Whale.

Reptiles and amphibians endemic to the Solomon Islands include the Rennell Island Monitor, Spotted Emo Skink, Solomon Small-eyed Snake, and Malukuna Webbed Frog.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Solomon Islands.
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Solomon Islands
Pygmy killer whale
Grey dolphin
Fraser's dolphin
Bridled dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Blainville's beaked whale
Long-beaked dolphin
Bryde's whale
Bats in Solomon Islands
Temotu flying fox
Raffray's sheath-tailed bat
Solomons flying-fox
Large-eared sheath-tailed bat
Insular flying-fox
Vanikoro flying fox
Spurred roundleaf bat
Dwarf flying fox
Santa cruz flying fox
Fierce roundleaf bat
Naked-rumped pouched bat
Lesser long-tongued frut bat
Orange fruit bat
Woodford's fruit bat
Great bent-winged bat
Dark sheath-tailed bat
Large-footed bat
Malaita tube-nosed fruit bat
Nendo tube-nosed fruit bat
Common tube-nosed fruit bat
Island tube-nosed fruit bat
Umboi tube-nosed fruit bat
Bougainville monkey-faced bat
Cusp-toothed flying fox
Flower-faced bat
Montane monkey-faced bat
Temminck's trident bat
Admiralty flying-fox
Ontong java flying fox
Small flying-fox
Solomon's naked-backed fruit bat
Lesser flying-fox
Kangaroos, possums, wallabies, and relatives in Solomon Islands
Common phalanger
Rodents in Solomon Islands
Spiny rat
Poncelet's giant rat
Florida naked-tailed rat
Bougainville naked-tailed rat
Isabel naked-tailed rat
Emperor rat
Guadalcanal rat
King rat
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Solomon Islands
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