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Animals in Bhutan
Bhutan, which was once a part of Tibet, is a place that not many people have thought of traveling to. However, it is an interesting country filled with a large number of interesting and exotic animals. When taking a vacation, Bhutan is always an excellent destination.

The climate varies greatly from the north border to the south border with three separate Eco-systems. The animals living in the mountainous regions are very different from the ones that are indigenous to the tropical climates of the areas of lower altitude. Blue sheep and
snow leopard
snow leopard are two of the most beautiful animals that reside in the high-altitude areas. They are joined by the marmot, musk deer, and takin. Between the lowest and highest geographical areas within Bhutan there is another ecological zone, the temperate zone. The animals that live in this area include
sambar, gray langur, and Himalayan black bear. In the tropical regions, some of the animals are
water buffalo
water buffalo,
clouded leopard
clouded leopard, and elephant. There are some more resilient animals that survive throughout the land of Bhutan, such as
red panda
red panda and tigers. Over 700 species of bird have been documented within Bhutan. It is a beautiful place to go bird watching.

Between all of the separate Bhutanese climates and the animals indigenous to them, Bhutan is an interesting place to learn about. The wildlife in each climate is just as unique as the climate itself. All of the endangered species that survive in Bhutan are beautiful to behold. We can only hope that this amazing habitat will be preserved for years to come.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Bhutan.
Even-toed ungulates in Bhutan
Indian muntjac
Pygmy hog
Alpine musk deer
Black musk deer
Asian buffalo
Carnivores in Bhutan
Arctic wolf
Asiatic golden cat
Leopard cat
Fishing cat
Asiatic wild dog
Jungle cat
Common otter
Indian smooth-coated otter
Eurasian lynx
Asiatic black bear
Cross fox
Indian grey mongoose
Javan mongoose
Hog badger
Back-striped weasel
Yellow-throated marten
Yellow-bellied weasel
Siberian weasel
Gem-faced civet
Clouded leopard
Lesser panda
Asian palm civet
Spotted linsang
Large indian civet
Small indian civet
Asiatic jackal
Bats in Bhutan
Indian pipistrelle
Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat
Greater short-nosed fruit bat
Tickell's bat
Intermediat horseshoe bat
Blanford's fruit bat
Small bent-winged bat
Round-eared tube-nosed bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Whiskered myotis
Himalayan whiskered bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Bhutan
Forrest's pika
Nubra pika
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Bhutan
Great indian rhinoceros
Primates in Bhutan
Assam macaque
Gee's golden langur
Rhesus macaque
Elephants in Bhutan
Asian elephant
Rodents in Bhutan
Bhutan giant flying squirrel
Lesser bamboo rat
Himalayan field rat
Sikkim rat
Black giant squirrel
Particolored flying squirrel
Himalayan striped squirrel
Sikkim vole
Hairy-footed flying squirrel
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