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Animals in Canada
Many special animals live in the cooler climates of Canada, including the Canadian Goose. These wetland waterfowl typically weigh 1.1 to 8 kilograms, depending on which of the 11 species of Canadian Goose they fall into. They migrate south in the cold winter months, and are famous for flying in a "V' pattern as a flock. A fun fact about these animals is that they typically nest year after year in the exact same place that their parents nested.

Another interesting Canadian native is the moose, which live near lakes, streams, in forests, and on mountain hillsides. Believe it or not, the moose is a member of the deer family, and is the largest animal of this type. Despite being huge at an average of 350-400 kg, the moose is a great swimmer. In order to eat plants at the bottom of a lake, and to cool off, a moose is able to dive 5.5 metres or more!

An animal resembling a huge housecat is the Canadian Lynx. Do not be fooled by its deceptive appearance, as this sneaky predator is a very territorial animal. You can catch a glimpse of a Canadian Lynx in forested areas, in dens under fallen trees, and in thick bushes. The males live a solitary lifestyle, and are only with the female of their species to mate. Unfortunately, these animals are sought after for their fur, and there are less and less of them each day.

While visiting the nature rich country of Canada, one can also view walruses,
polar bear
polar bears, caribou, the artic fox, the Atlantic
puffin, and so much more. Canada has breathtaking views, amazing animals, and is a great place to see nature in all its beauty.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Canada.
Even-toed ungulates in Canada
American bison
Bighorn sheep
European elk
Mountain goat
Black-tailed deer
White-tailed deer
Mexican pronghorn
Musk ox
Dall's sheep
Carnivores in Canada
Northern fur seal
American jackal
Arctic wolf
North american otter
Striped skunk
American lynx
Eastern spotted skunk
Common seal
Bay lynx
Hooded seal
American marten
Long-tailed weasel
American mink
American badger
Sea otter
Northern raccoon
Bearded seal
American black bear
Brown bear
Gray fox
Northern elephant seal
Northern sealion
Polar bear
Swift fox
Black-footed ferret
Cross fox
Least weasel
Arctic fox
Gray seal
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Canada
White-beaked dolphin
Coalfish whale
Pacific white-sided dolphin
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Baird's beaked whale
Killer whale
Northern right whale dolphin
Common porpoise
Dall's porpoise
Atlantic dolphin
North atlantic beaked whale
Arch-beaked whale
False killer whale
Blainville's beaked whale
True's beaked whale
Bering sea beaked whale
Devil fish
Euphrosyne dolphin
Bottle-nosed dolphin
North atlantic right whale
Pacific pilot whale
Long-finned pilot whale
Grey dolphin
Cuvier's beaked whale
Pygmy sperm whale
Bowhead whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Common minke whale
Bats in Canada
Evening bat
Fringed myotis
Big free-tailed bat
Silver-haired bat
Hawaiian hoary bat
Red bat
Eastern pipistrelle
Townsend's big-eared bat
Big brown bat
Spotted bat
California myotis
Long-eared myotis
Keen's myotis
Pallid bat
Eastern small-footed myotis
Long-legged myotis
Little brown bat
Yuma myotis
American marsupials in Canada
Virginia opossum
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Canada
Collared pika
American pika
Snowshoe hare
Arctic hare
White-tailed jackrabbit
Eastern cottontail
Arctic hare
Mountain cottontail
Rodents in Canada
Columbian ground squirrel
Great basin pocket mouse
Golden mantled ground squirrel
Woodland jumping mouse
Richardson's ground squirrel
Meadow jumping mouse
Cascade golden-mantled ground squirrel
Pacific jumping mouse
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel
Northern grasshopper mouse
Northern collared lemming
Ungava collared lemming
Brown lemming
Victoria collared lemming
White-footed mouse
Richardson's collared lemming
American beaver
Deer mouse
Sagebrush vole
Arizona black-tailed prairie dog
Rock vole
Long-tailed vole
Vancouver island marmot
Taiga vole
Singing vole
Montane vole
Ogilvie mountains collared lemming
Prairie vole
Ord's kangaroo rat
Creeping vole
Woodland vole
Western harvest mouse
Water vole
North american porcupine
Eastern fox squirrel
Western heather vole
Root vole
Arctic ground squirrel
Eastern heather vole
Meadow vole
Northern bog lemming
Townsend's vole
Southern bog lemming
Bushy-talied woodrat
Yellow-pine chipmunk
Southern flying squirrel
Columbian mouse
Least chipmunk
Red-tailed chipmunk
Franklin's ground squirrel
Pacific jumping mouse
Eastern chipmunk
Townsend's chipmunk
Douglas's squirrel
Hoary marmot
Red squirrel
Yellow-bellied marmot
Plains pocket gopher
Mountain beaver
Northern pocket gopher
Eastern gray squirrel
Northern flying squirrel
Olive-backed pocket mouse
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