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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country of great biodiversity. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the greatest mass of tropical rain forest in all of Africa. The 100 million hectares of tropical forest are home to 450 species of mammals, 1,150 species of birds, 300 species of reptiles, and 200 species of amphibians.

The forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have become a refuge for several endangered species that have become all but extinct in other African countries due to deforestation. The Eastern Lowland
Gorilla can only be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo- there are only 4,000 left in the wild and 24 in zoos around the world. Most live with in the boundaries of the Virunga National Park. Eastern Lowland Gorilla is the largest subspecies of gorilla and the largest primate in the world; Male Eastern Lowland Gorillas in the wild have been measured at 550 pounds and 6.6 feet when fully erect.

Two different species of
chimpanzees live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo- the common chimpanzee and the bonobo. The bonobo can not be found in the wild anywhere else in the world. Both species are highly endangered. Bonobos only live in the region south of the Congo River and North of the Kasai River. The chimpanzee and the bonobo are the closest primate relation to the human; many groups are working to conserve their habitats and protect the wild populations.

There are several other interesting animals that are native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. One species is the African Forest Elephant. Once thought to be a sub-species of the African Savanna Elephant scientists have now discovered that the African Forest Elephant is a separate species. The population of the African Forest Elephant has reached critical levels due to ivory poaching. The okapi is an interesting mammal that lives in the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The markings of the okapi are similar to a zebra but they are actually closely related to the
giraffe. They have bodies that are similar to giraffes but with much shorter necks. There are an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 okapi left in the wild.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the perfect habitats to be home to many different species of animals; there are few other places in the world that are as biodiverse. Many endagered animals live there but are threatened by deforestation- conservation efforts are on going.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Congo, Democratic Republic of the.
Even-toed ungulates in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Common hippopotamus
Red river hog
Common hartebeest
Roan antelope
Sable antelope
Grey duiker
African buffalo
Bates' pygmy antelope
Water chevrotain
Peter's duiker
Bay duiker
White-bellied duiker
Blue duiker
Black-fronted duiker
Red-flanked duiker
Yellow-backed duiker
Sharpe's grysbok
Weyn's duiker
Southern reedbuck
Bohar reedbuck
Greater kudu
Common warthog
Giant forest hog
Carnivores in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Speckle-throated otter
African wild dog
Wild cat
African clawless otter
Cameroon clawless otter
African palm civet
Marsh mongoose
Black-footed mogoose
Side-striped jackal
Alexander's cusimanse
African caracal
Ansorge's cusimanse
Pousargues' mongoose
Slender mongoose
Common dwarf mongoose
Egyptian mongoose
Long-nosed mongoose
Spotted hyaena
White-tailed mongoose
African golden cat
Banded mongoose
Meller's mongoose
Honey badger
Striped polecat
African striped weasel
Aquatic genet
African civet
Angolan genet
Panther genet
Servaline genet
Giant genet
African linsang
African lion
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Fraser's dolphin
Bats in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Botswanan long-eared bat
Ethiopian epauletted fruit bat
Duke of abruzzi's free-tailed bat
Pel's pouched bat
Aba roundleaf bat
Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat
Ansorge's free-tailed bat
Light-winged lesser house bat
Yellow-winged bat
Benito roundleaf bat
Dobson's fruit bat
Gland-tailed free-tailed bat
Dark-winged lesser house bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Franquet's epauletted fruit bat
Chapin's free-tailed bat
Zenker's fruit bat
Greater roundleaf bat
Gallagher's free-tailed bat
African yellow bat
Cyclops roundleaf bat
Little collared fruit bat
Lappet-eared free-tailed bat
Schreber's yellow bat
Sooty roundleaf bat
Daubenton's free-tailed bat
Nigerian free-tailed bat
Little free-tailed bat
Nut-colored yellow bat
Noack's roundleaf bat
Bini free-tailed bat
Russet free-tailed bat
Percival's trident bat
Tiny pipistrelle
Cape hairy bat
African sheath-tailed bat
Rüppel's pipistrelle
Welwitch's bat
Short-palated fruit bat
Bate's slit-faced bat
Woermann's bat
Egyptian free-tailed bat
Large slit-faced bat
Hayman's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Madagascan large free-tailed bat
Hairy slit-faced bat
Peter's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
African giant free-tailed bat
Intermediate slit-faced bat
Moloney's flat-headed bat
Mauritian tomb bat
Large-eared slit-faced bat
Ja slit-faced bat
Lesser long-fingered bat
Naked-rumped tomb bat
Hammer-headed fruit bat
Dwarf slit-faced bat
Greater long-fingered bat
Egyptian tomb bat
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Least long-fingered bat
Angolan free-tailed bat
Medje free-tailed bat
Damara woolly bat
Mongalla free-tailed bat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
Copper woolly bat
Lesser woolly bat
Midas free-tailed bat
Persian trident bat
Halcyon horseshoe bat
Spurrell's woolly bat
Large-eared free-tailed bat
Dwarf free-tailed bat
Geoffroy's horseshoe bat
Niangara free-tailed bat
Darling's horseshoe bat
White-bellied free-tailed bat
Rüppell's horseshoe bat
Railer bat
Hildebrandt's horseshoe bat
Trevor's free-tailed bat
Lander's horseshoe bat
Straw-coloured fruit bat
Angolan long-eared bats
Gambian epauletted fruit bat
Long-haired rousette
Hyraxes in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Eastern tree dassie
Western tree dassie
Rock dassie
Bush hyrax
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Bunyoro rabbit
Elephant-shrews in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Short-snouted elephant shrew
Dusky-footed elephant shrew
Four-toed elephant shrew
Checkered elephant shrew
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Burchell's zebra
Square-lipped rhinoceros
Pangolins in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Giant ground pangolin
Cape pangolin
Black-bellied pangolin
Three-cusped pangolin
Primates in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Allen's swamp monkey
Patas monkey
Potto gibbon
Angolan black-and-white colobus
Eastern black-and-white colobus
Eastern needle-clawed bushbaby
Mohol galago
Lesser bushbaby
Southern talapoin monkey
Black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
Moustached guenon
Garnett's greater galago
Gray-cheeked mangabey
Dryad monkey
Owl-faced guenon
L'hoest's guenon
Blue monkey
De brazza's monkey
Greater spot-nosed guenon
Crowned guenon
Elephants in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
African elephant
Rodents in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Alexander's bush squirrel
Pygmy mouse
Rusty-bellied brush-furred rat
Congo forest mouse
Nyika rock rat
Pouched mouse
Boehm's bush squirrel
Neave's mouse
Woosnam's brush-furred rat
Smith's bush squirrel
Peter's mouse
Green bush squirrel
Griselda's lemniscomys
Thomas's pygmy mouse
Lord derby's flying squirrel
Spring hare
Buffoon lemniscomys
Gray-bellied pygmy mouse
Dwarf scaly-tailed squirrel
Bell groove-toothed swamp rat
African groove-toothed rat
Big-eared swamp rat
Creek groove-toothed swamp rat
Carruther's mountain squirrel
Least groove-toothed swamp rat
Thomas's rope squirrel
African grass rat
Fat mouse
Lunda rope squirrel
African brush-tailed porcupine
Target rat
Congo rope squirrel
Moon striped mouse
Ribboned rope squirrel
Guinea multimammate mouse
Peters' hybomys
Fire-footed rope squirrel
Natal multimammate mouse
Ruanda mole rat
Jackson's praomys
African wading rat
Least praomys
Lesser hylomyscus
Giant rat
Misonne's praomys
Beaded hylomyscus
Gambian rat
Muton's soft-furred mouse
Montane hylomyscus
Tullberg's praomys
Stella hylomyscus
Mechow's mole rat
Woodland thicket rat
Ochre mole rat
Forest giant squirrel
Crested porcupine
Forest thicket rat
Boehm's gerbil
Cape porcupine
Macmillan's thicket rat
Shining thicket rat
Rufous-nosed rats
African marsh rat
Kemp's gerbil
Long-eared flying squirrel
Christy's dormouse
Delany's mouse
Bushveld gerbil
Pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel
Lorrain dormouse
Typical lemniscomys
Savanna gerbil
Four-striped grass mouse
Monard's dormouse
Congo gerbil
Savanna dormouse
Mt. kahuzi climbing mouse
Emin's gerbil
Silent dormouse
Remarkable climbing mouse
Acacia rat
African smoky mouse
Dent's vlei rat
Rudd's bristle-furred rat
Gray brush-furred rat
Kivu climbing mouse
Charming thicket rat
Silvery mole rat
Large vlei rat
Striped ground squirrel
Medium-tailed brush-furred rat
Gray glimbing mouse
Kemp's thicket rat
Spiny mouse
Gambian sun squirrel
Tropical vlei rat
Hildegarde's broad-headed mouse
Rahm's brush-furred rat
Brant's climbing mouse
Lesser cane rat
Red-legged sun squirrel
Yellow-spotted brush-furred rat
Banana climbing mouse
Greater cane rat
Bocage's rock rat
Ruwenzori sun squirrel
Toad mouse
Yellow-bellied brush-furred rat
Chestnut climbing mouse
Hinde's rock rat
Callewaert's mouse
Fire-bellied brush-furred rat
Nyika climbing mouse
Kaiser's rock rat
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
African manatee
Aardvark in Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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