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Animals in China
China is home to an incredibly diverse collection of animals. More than 6,000 different species of vertebrates can be found in this country, including 100 species are unique to the country. Some of the amazing, rare animals living there include the red-crowned crane, South China tiger, white-flag dolphin and the
giant panda
giant panda.

The red-crowned crane graces the Chinese landscape with its long neck, pure-white plumage, jet black neck and stunning red crown on its head. These cranes can be found throughout the open marshes, wet meadows and bogs throughout the northeastern areas of China. They dine on insects, fish, aquatic invertebrates, small rodents and amphibians. They also eat the waste grains and other plant material that can be found in rice fields.

The southeast region of China has subtropical evergreen forest, and this is where any remaining South China tigers would be found. These tigers range from 140 to 300 cm in body length including the tail. They can weigh up to 300 kg and stand up to 1.2 m tall at the head. Supreme hunters, they survive large mammals, although they will also dine on smaller mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.

The Yangtze River of China is home to another unique animal, the white-flag dolphin. Also known as the baiji, this graceful dolphin is found in the freshwater rivers and lakes. Commonly found in the Yangtze River, baiji prefer the deeper areas. Over the years, the numbers of the white-flag dolphin have been declining. Experts now believe that this dolphin may be functionally extinct.

The giant panda once faced extinction itself. This recognizable, black and white bear is now protected by law in the country. Revered for thousands of years, international efforts are currently underway to prevent its extinction. Giant pandas can be found in cold, rainy bamboo forests that grow in the mountainous region of western China. The bamboo provides both food and shelter for these animals. The pandas also eat grasses, fruits, some rodents and insects.

China is a unique country with many wonderful sights to offer. The climate in this nation ranges from bitter cold to intense heat with many different ecosystems filling the countryside. The topography includes mountains, valleys, marshes, rivers and even the rainforest. There are many amazing and unique animals that call this country their home, including the colorful red-crowned crane and the giant panda.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in China. Saiga antelope
Thorold's deer
Brow-antlered deer
Gacela de przewalski
Dwarf bharal
Chinese forest musk deer
Alpine musk deer
European elk
Black musk deer
Siberian musk deer
Sika deer
Black muntjac
Fea's muntjac
Gongshan muntjac
Indian muntjac
Reeves's muntjac
Goitered gazelle
Wild yak
Eastern roe deer
Red goral
Chinese goral
Himalayan tahr
Tufted deer
Pere david's deer
Carnivores in China
Racoon dog
Brown bear
Small-toothed palm civet
Gem-faced civet
Asiatic golden cat
Leopard cat
Asian palm civet
Fishing cat
Spotted linsang
Large-spotted civet
Large indian civet
Owston's banded palm civet
Small indian civet
Pallas's cat
Asiatic black bear
Marbled cat
Asiatic wild dog
Chinese desert cat
Jungle cat
Wild cat
Corsac fox
Sand fox
Javan mongoose
Beech marten
Common seal
Crab-eating mongoose
Common otter
Indian smooth-coated otter
Clouded leopard
Larga seal
Hog badger
Eurasian lynx
Chinese ferret-badger
Steppe polecat
Malayan sun bear
Yellow-throated marten
Marbled polecat
Giant panda
Least weasel
Lesser panda
Mountain weasel
Back-striped weasel
Arctic wolf
Yellow-bellied weasel
Siberian weasel
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in China
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Pygmy sperm whale
False killer whale
Fraser's dolphin
Pacific white-sided dolphin
Common minke whale
Bryde's whale
Devil fish
Chinese white dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Cuvier's beaked whale
Pacific pilot whale
Bridled dolphin
Grey dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Black finless porpoise
Rough-toothed dolphin
Dall's porpoise
Blainville's beaked whale
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Bats in China
Pratt's roundleaf bat
Leschenault's rousette
King horseshoe bat
Least pipistrelle
Black-bearded tomb bat
Lesser dawn bat
Brown big-eared bat
Gray big-eared bat
Greater false vampire bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Pond bat
Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat
Great evening bat
Harlequin bat
Hardwicke's woolly bat
Lesser bamboo bat
Whiskered bat
Greater asiatic yellow bat
Painted bat
Greater bamboo bat
Natterer's bat
Northern bat
Szechwan myotis
Far eastern myotis
Western bent-winged bat
Stoliczka's trident bat
Thick-eared bat
Large myotis
Indian flying-fox
Hodgson's bat
Particoloured bat
Fraternal myotis
Asian particolored bat
Horsfield's bat
Ikonnikov's bat
Burmese whiskered bat
Lesser dog-faced fruit bat
Peking myotis
Greater short-nosed fruit bat
Rickett's big-footed bat
Little tube-nosed bat
Himalayan whiskered bat
Blanford's fruit bat
Round-eared tube-nosed bat
Dusky tube-nosed bat
Hutton's tube-nosed bat
Thomas's horseshoe bat
Greater tube-nosed bat
Dobson's horseshoe bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Intermediat horseshoe bat
Blyth's horseshoe bat
Woolly horseshoe bat
Tickell's bat
European free-tailed bat
Big-eared horseshoe bat
Common pipistrelle
Lesser noctule
Great roundleaf bat
Osgood's horseshoe bat
Intermediat roundleaf bat
Kelaart's pipistrelle
Birdlike noctule
Pomona roundleaf bat
Least horseshoe bat
Mount popa pipistrelle
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in China
Gansu pika
Black-lipped pika
Koslov's pika
Daurian pika
Muli pika
Chinese red pika
Forrest's pika
Glover's pika
Gaoligong pika
Himalayan pika
Ili pika
Northern pika
Nubra pika
Ladak pika
Thomas's pika
Large-eared pika
Pallas's pika
Royle's pika
Moupin pika
Yunnan hare
Korean hare
Manchurian hare
Woolly hare
Chinese hare
Arctic hare
Hainan hare
Yarkland hare
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in China
Asian wild ass
Javan rhinoceros
Pangolins in China
Chinese pangolin
Primates in China
Slow loris
Lesser slow loris
Common gibbon
François's langur
Bonneted langur
Common langur
Bear macaque
Assam macaque
Rhesus macaque
Père david's macaque
Elephants in China
Asian elephant
Rodents in China
Himalayan marmot
Swinhoe's striped squirrel
Przewalski's steppe lemming
Manchurian zokor
Narrow-headed vole
Mongolian five-toed jerboa
Gray marmot
Chinese zokor
Chinese scrub vole
Five-toed pygmy jerboa
Silver mountain vole
Royle's mountain vole
Tarbagan marmot
Pratt's vole
Transbaikal zokor
Thick-tailed pygmy jerboa
Juniper vole
Eurasian beaver
Stoliczka's mountain vole
Particolored flying squirrel
Southwest china vole
Rothschild's zokor
Kozlov's pygmy jerboa
Blyth's vole
Strachey's mountain vole
Indochinese ground squirrel
Indochinese flying squirrel
Ganzu vole
Smith's zokor
Pére david's rock squirrel
Lacustrine vole
Flat-headed vole
Malayan porcupine
Complex-toothed flying squirrel
Kolan vole
Forrest's rock squirrel
Maximowicz's vole
Striped field mouse
Indian crested porcupine
Greater long-tailed hamster
Pére david's vole
Eurasian red squirrel
Mongolian vole
Pencil-tailed tree mouse
Chevrier's field mouse
Chaotung vole
Altai vole
South china field mouse
Yulungshan vole
Sikkim vole
Sichuan field mouse
Duke of bedford's vole
Chinese jumping mouse
Social vole
Tibetan dwarf hamster
Korean field mouse
Chinese pygmy dormouse
Northern birch mouse
Striped dwarf hamster
Ural field mouse
Long-tailed birch mouse
Kam dwarf hamster
Chinese birch mouse
Long-tailed dwarf hamster
Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine
Russian flying squirrel
Asiatic long-tailed climbing mouse
Southern birch mouse
Sokolov's dwarf hamster
Steppe lemming
Red climbing mouse
Gray dwarf hamster
Dwarf fat-tailed jerboa
Brandt's vole
Alashan ground squirrel
Black-bellied hamster
Greater bandicoot rat
Lesser rice-field rat
Red and white giant flying squirrel
Plateau vole
Long-eared jerboa
Daurian ground squirrel
Hairy-footed flying squirrel
Himalayan field rat
Spotted giant flying squirrel
Mandarin vole
Clarke's vole
Red-cheeked ground squirrel
Bower's white-toothed rat
Brown rat
Japanese giant flying squirrel
Edwards's long-tailed giant rat
Szechuan vole
Yellow ground squirrel
Kenneth's white-toothed rat
Sikkim rat
Bhutan giant flying squirrel
Marie's vole
Long-tailed ground squirrel
Millard's rat
Tanezumi rat
Red giant flying squirrel
Turkestan rat
Indian giant flying squirrel
Cheng's jird
Northern three-toed jerboa
Przewalski's gerbil
Black giant squirrel
Chinese giant flying squirrel
Libyan jird
Orange-bellied himalayan squirrel
Mongolian hamster
Manipur bush rat
Mid-day jird
Perny's long-nosed squirrel
Pallas's squirrel
Delacour's marmoset rat
Ryukyu mouse
Tamarisk jird
Red-hipped squirrel
Inornate squirrel
Short-tailed bandicoot rat
Andrews's three-toed jerboa
Cook's mouse
Mongolian jird
Asian red-cheeked squirrel
Phayre's squirrel
Groove-toothed flying squirrel
Campbell's hamster
Smoke-bellied rat
Anderson's white-bellied rat
Thick-tailed three-toed jerboa
Gairdner's shrewmouse
Forest dormouse
Irrawaddy squirrel
Desert hamster
Large white-bellied rat
Chinese white-bellied rat
Hoary bamboo rat
Chinese dormouse
Anderson's squirrel
Chestnut white-bellied rat
Siberian chipmunk
Chinese bamboo rat
Eurasian harvest mouse
Balikun jerboa
Himalayan striped squirrel
Zaisan mole vole
Wood lemming
Large bamboo rat
Field vole
Lesser bamboo rat
Gobi jerboa
Long-tailed marmot
Maritime striped squirrel
Yellow steppe lemming
False zokor
Great gerbil
Reed vole
Gansu hamster
Small five-toed jerboa
Tree shrews in China
Northern tree shrew
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in China
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