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Animals in Dhekelia
The Sovereign British Base of Dhekelia located in the Southeast corner of the island of Cyprus is home to several unique animal species that are found nowhere else on earth. Dhekelia is sunny, rocky, and dry, and the animals of Dhekelia have adapted over centuries to its warm Mediterranean climate, developing unusual features mainland animals lack.

The Cyprus Spiny Mouse and the Cypriot Mouse nest in rocky crags in and around Dhekelia, and eat seeds, insects, and small fruits. Both mice are found only on the island of Cyprus (including Dhekelia). The Cypriot Mouse, also know as Mus cypriacus has larger eyes, ears, and teeth than those found on ordinary household mice or on field mice. The Cypriot mouse can be traced back 10,000 years on the island, making it a "living fossil" and the only animal in the Mediterranean to predate human beings.

The Cyprus Mouflon also roams hilly areas in Dhekelia. The Mouflon, an endangered wild sheep, is the ancient living ancestor of modern domestic sheep and the national animal of Cyprus. The Cyprus Mouflon is brown in color with curly short hair and brown and white markings. The males sport large, backward curved horns.

The Cyprus warbler and the
Pied Wheatear
Pied Wheatear, two rare bird species found in Dhekelia, are hard to spot and very close to being endangered. Reptiles unique to Dhekelia include the Whip Snake, a nonvenomous brown snake that grows as long as 9 feet, and the Troodos Lizard, a small rock lizard with a dark brown lateral stripe.

Finally, Dhekelia is also home to many rare and unique species of butterflies, including the Cyprus Grayling, the Cyprus Meadow Brown, and the Paphos Blue, as well as a small tan scorpion known as Mesobuthus cyprius, and a small striped land snail known as Assyriella belardii.

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