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Animals in Equatorial Guinea
The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is home to a variety of wildlife, including many endangered species. Located north of the equator on Africa's west coast, the turbulent country includes islands as well as land on the continent. The recent discovery of petroleum could further threaten the animals in the country.

In addition to many of Africa's best known animals, such as elephants,
gorillas and
chimpanzees, Equatorial Guinea has many native species found few other places on the planet. One such animal is the Bioko Allen's Bushbaby, a type of primate with large eyes and a long bushy tail. Other primates abound, such as the drill, a relative of the baboon and closer relative of the
mandrill. This endangered monkey is nomadic, and little is known about its behavior in the wild. Additionally, Pennant's red colobus, a small, slow monkey, and four types of guenons -- monkeys with long tails -- call Equatorial Guinea home.

Equatorial Guinea also has several unusual species of reptiles, including two skinks, one of which has no forelimbs and only two toes on its rear limbs. The other, a lidless skink, looks like a snake with legs. The country also has other lizards, including different geckos and snakes.

The biodiversity of Equatorial Guinea includes a variety of birds, as well as two unique species. The Fernando Po Speirops is a small, dark songbird found only on the island of Bioko. The Annobon White-eye, a small, olive-green bird, lives only on the nearly seven-square-mile island of Annobon.

The waters of Equatorial Guinea also offer a range of biodiversity. A type of scorpionfish, scorpaena annobonae, is known only because of a single specimen caught off of Annobon. The West
African manatee
African manatee also frequents the waters of the country, as it lives in the rivers along the coast. The West African manatee is the least-seen and least-studied type of manatee, and like many animals in Africa, its greatest threat is humans.

Equatorial Guinea hosts some of the most unusual, and threatened, creatures in the world. With primates, birds and reptiles found few other places, it has biodiversity worth protecting.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Equatorial Guinea.
Even-toed ungulates in Equatorial Guinea
White-bellied duiker
Blue duiker
Ogilby's duiker
Yellow-backed duiker
African buffalo
Common hippopotamus
Bates' pygmy antelope
Water chevrotain
Red river hog
Peter's duiker
Bay duiker
Carnivores in Equatorial Guinea
African palm civet
Spotted hyaena
Marsh mongoose
Black-footed mogoose
Slender mongoose
Long-nosed mongoose
Honey badger
Striped polecat
African civet
Panther genet
Servaline genet
African linsang
Speckle-throated otter
African golden cat
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Equatorial Guinea
Atlantic hump-backed dolphin
Atlantic spinner dolphin
Fraser's dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Bats in Equatorial Guinea
Zenker's fruit bat
Peter's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Nut-colored yellow bat
Moloney's flat-headed bat
Greater long-fingered bat
Sierra leone free-tailed bat
Spurrell's free-tailed bat
Mauritian tomb bat
Railer bat
Benito roundleaf bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Short-tailed roundleaf bat
Little collared fruit bat
Cyclops roundleaf bat
Noack's roundleaf bat
Little free-tailed bat
Bate's slit-faced bat
Large slit-faced bat
Hairy slit-faced bat
Large-eared slit-faced bat
Dwarf slit-faced bat
Hammer-headed fruit bat
Straw-coloured fruit bat
Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat
Tiny pipistrelle
Franquet's epauletted fruit bat
Halcyon horseshoe bat
Lander's horseshoe bat
Pel's pouched bat
Woermann's bat
Hyraxes in Equatorial Guinea
Western tree dassie
Pangolins in Equatorial Guinea
Three-cusped pangolin
Giant ground pangolin
Black-bellied pangolin
Primates in Equatorial Guinea
Allen's bushbaby
Southern talapoin monkey
Collared mangabey
Moustached guenon
Red-eared guenon
De brazza's monkey
Greater spot-nosed guenon
Crowned guenon
Preuss's guenon
Eastern black-and-white colobus
Pennant's red colobus
Black colobus
Potto gibbon
Gray-cheeked mangabey
Elegant galago
Northern needle-clawed bushbaby
Golden angwantibo
Elephants in Equatorial Guinea
African elephant
Rodents in Equatorial Guinea
Shining thicket rat
Silent dormouse
Target rat
African smoky mouse
Red-legged sun squirrel
Greater cane rat
Pygmy mouse
Peter's mouse
African pygmy squirrel
Bioko hybomys
Peters' hybomys
Beaded hylomyscus
African wading rat
Allen's hylomyscus
Giant rat
Stella hylomyscus
Rufous-nosed rats
Long-eared flying squirrel
Congo forest mouse
Pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel
Green bush squirrel
Baifran palm squirrel
Fire-bellied brush-furred rat
Jackson's praomys
Rusty-bellied brush-furred rat
Cameroon praomys
Tullberg's praomys
Lord derby's flying squirrel
Big-eared swamp rat
Thomas's rope squirrel
Dwarf scaly-tailed squirrel
Forest giant squirrel
Lady burton's rope squirrel
Ribboned rope squirrel
African brush-tailed porcupine
Natal multimammate mouse
Red-cheeked rope squirrel
Fire-footed rope squirrel
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Equatorial Guinea
African manatee
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