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Animals in French Guiana
Animals found in French Guiana include many water creatures and freshwater fish, such as the Yellow Phantom Tetra (Hyphessobrycon roseus), a glass knifefish (Rhabdolichops fegui), and the Snub-nose
Snake eel
Snake Eel (Kertomichthys blastorhinos). The American Manatee is also found in the French Guiana coastal waters. The Manatee feeds most on emerged and floating vegetation. In the sixteenth Century, the American Manatee were in extreme small populations in most areas due to extensive hunting for its subsistence.

Amphibians Include the Following:

The Small footed (Guiinan) Water Rat (Necomys parvipes), the
giant armadillo
Giant Armadillo (Priodontes maximus), the Giant Ottor (Pieronura braslliensis) and the Oyapock's Fish-Eating Rat (Neusticomys).

bush dog
Bush Dog (Speothos venaticus) is another animal found in French Guiana and also in Brazil and Paraguay. Their habitat is generally near water, particularly small streams. Hunting of the Bush Dog is prohibited in several countries where this dog has been seen, including French Guiana. The Bush Dog usually chooses an area with a supply of water.

giant anteater
Giant Anteater is another animal that lives on land in French Guiana. This creature does not walk on its paws, but it curls its toes up inside the feet and walks on its fists. These Giant Anteaters eat approximately 30,000 ants with some termites in one day. They have a very long snout with which they devour their prey.

Schultz's Round-eared Bat (Tonatia schulz), this particular bat is not often seen. It was reported to be almost extinct in 2003 and little research has been was carried out about this bat. Hunting of the Bush Dog is prohibited in several countries where this dog has been seen, including French Guiana.

Tacarcuna Bat.(Lasiurus castaneus) ' This species of bat is found in several countries, including French Guiana, Columbia, Costa Rica and Panama.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in French Guiana.
Even-toed ungulates in French Guiana
Red brocket
Collared peccary
White-lipped peccary
White-tailed deer
Brown brocket
Carnivores in French Guiana
Giant brazilian otter
Amazonian hog-nosed skunk
Greater grison
Little spotted cat
South american coati
Crab-eating raccoon
Common fox
La plata otter
Bush dog
Eyra cat
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in French Guiana
Fraser's dolphin
Estuarine dolphin
Atlantic spinner dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Bats in French Guiana
Great stripe-faced bat
Davy's naked-backed bat
Black myotis
Brown fruit-eating bat
Spectral bat
Parnell's mustached bat
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Great fruit-eating bat
Chestnut sac-winged bat
Dark fruit-eating bat
Dwarf little fruit bat
Tacarcuna bat
Lesser bulldog bat
Southern yellow bat
Greater bulldog bat
Big red bat
Chestnut short-tailed bat
Proboscis bat
Peale's free-tailed bat
Seba's short-tailed bat
Greater sac-winged bat
Broad-eared bat
Chestnut long-tongued bat
Frosted sac-winged bat
Big free-tailed bat
Thomas's nectar bat
Shaggy bat
Lesser sac-winged bat
Tomes's sword-nosed bat
Hairy big-eyed bat
Long-legged bat
Intermediate long-tailed bat
Lesser long-tailed bat
Macconnell's bat
Little yellow-shouldered bat
Hairy big-eared bat
Tilda yellow-shouldered bat
Greater dog-like bat
Little big-eared bat
White-winged dog-like bat
White-bellied big-eared bat
Common vampire bat
Peter's disk-winged bat
Pale-faced bat
Northern ghost bat
Spix's disk-winged bat
Pale spear-nosed bat
Golden bat
Brazilian brown bat
Greater spear-nosed bat
Striped hairy-nosed bat
Argentine brown bat
Guianan spear-nosed bat
Black bonneted bat
Fringe-lipped bat
Short-headed broad-nosed bat
Dwarf bonneted bat
Heller's broad-nosed bat
Black mastiff bat
Little white-shouldered bat
Tent-maiking bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Thumbless bat
Brown tent-making bat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Geoffroy's tailless bat
Melissa's yellow-eared bat
Riparian myotis
Andesen's fruit-eating bat
Little yellow-eared bat
Big crested mastiff bat
Mexican funnel-eared bat
Silver-tipped myotis
Gervais's fruit-eating bat
American marsupials in French Guiana
Bare-tailed woolly opossum
Water opossum
Common opossum
Murine mouse opossum
Brown four-eyed opossum
Long-furred woolly mouse opossum
Red-legged short-tailed opossum
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in French Guiana
Forest rabbit
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in French Guiana
Brazilian tapir
Primates in French Guiana
Golden-handed tamarin
Black spider monkey
Common squirrel monkey
Golden-faced saki
Brown capuchin
Wedge-capped capuchin
Rodents in French Guiana
Guiana bristly mouse
Marsh rat
Bristly mouse
Short-tailed cane mouse
Small-footed bristly mouse
South american water rat
Oyapock's fish-eating rat
White-footed climbing mouse
Splendid climbing mouse
Brazilian guinea pig
Bicolored arboreal rice rat
Neotropical pygmy squirrel
Brazilian arboreal rice rat
Guianan squirrel
King arboreal rice rat
Robert's arboreal rice rat
Armored spiny rat
Red arboreal rice rat
Spiny tree rat
Trinidad arboreal rice rat
Brazilian porcupine
Fulvous pygmy rice rat
Brazilian agouti
Macconnell's rice rat
Yungas rice rat
Spotted paca
Cayenne spiny rat
Green acouchi
Cuvier's spiny rat
Red acouchi
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in French Guiana
American manatee
Edentates in French Guiana
Greater long-nosed armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
Giant armadillo
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