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Animals in Finland
Finland is home to a wide variety of unique and beautiful animals. From reindeer and arctic foxes to
harbor porpoise
harbor porpoises and white whales, Finland has a diverse array of animals that live on both land and in Finnish waters.

Reindeer have had a close connection to the people of Finland for centuries. Reindeer herding has been passed down through the years originally from the nomadic Sami people, then to Finnish settlers, all the way to modern times in Finland. Reindeer husbandry continues on in Finland today, giving the reindeer both a special place in Finnish history and the economy. These reindeer like to graze on pastureland and grasses when there is little snow cover on the ground.

Arctic foxes are also abundant throughout Finland, living usually in the tundra. Many of theses foxes are hunted due to the high demand for their fur. While the arctic foxes are not an endangered species, the population in Fennoscandia, an area which includes Finland and neighboring countries, is threatened.

wolverine is another animal common to Finland. The wolverine, with its bear-like appearance, has been severely over hunted, causing it to be endangered on the Finnish Red List. This over hunting was due to the wolverine's reputation as a predator and threat to reindeer herders. Remaining Finnish wolverines enjoy making their dens on the rocky sides of mountains.

European mink
European minks also make Finland their home. The mainly nocturnal European mink can be found on the banks of lakes, rivers, and creeks. As these minks are hunted for their fur, their population in Finland and other European countries is continuing to decline. Loss of habitat is also a major factor in the loss of European minks.

Finland also has wonderful marine life, including harbor porpoises and white whales. The harbor porpoise likes to stay close to land and can often be seen swimming off the Finnish coast. The white whale, also known as the
Beluga whale, can often be seen in Finnish waters. These whales are often easy to see because they like to stay close to the coast like their harbor porpoise neighbors.

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Even-toed ungulates in Finland
Wild boar
European elk
Roe deer
Carnivores in Finland
European polecat
Gray seal
Brown bear
Common otter
Eurasian lynx
European pine martin
European mink
Least weasel
Arctic fox
Cross fox
Arctic wolf
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Finland
Grey dolphin
Common porpoise
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Bats in Finland
Northern bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Brown big-eared bat
European free-tailed bat
Particoloured bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Finland
Arctic hare
Brown hare
Rodents in Finland
Norway lemming
Eurasian harvest mouse
Field vole
Root vole
Common vole
Wood lemming
Russian flying squirrel
Eurasian red squirrel
Northern birch mouse
Striped field mouse
Yellow-necked field mouse
Eurasian beaver
Garden dormouse
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