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Animals in Georgia
Georgia is located on the eastern banks of the Black Sea and borders the Greater Caucasus Mountains, giving the country a diverse landscape that supports a multitude of wildlife.

Brush and forests make up more than 30% of the country's landscape. Rare trees such as Pitsunda pines and other more common varieties of beech, firs, pear and linden trees provide a home to the forest's fauna.
wild boar
Wild boars weighing up to 200 pounds roam free in the dense forests, scavenging for fallen berries and nuts, roots and small reptiles and insects.

brown bear
Brown bears are also found in Georgian forests, hunting smaller animals like wild hares and roe deer and supplementing their diet with grass, tubers, berries and other foods offered by the landscape. Foxes and wolves are common in the forest.

One of the most rare and elusive animals in the Georgian forest is the lynx. This spotted member of the cat family reflects light with his eyes and can weigh up to 66 pounds. The
Eurasian lynx
Eurasian lynx is the largest of the species and are reported to meow and purr just like house cats. Their secretive behavior makes them difficult to spot in the wild but their large paw prints spot the Georgian landscape.

Goats and antelope are the rulers of the mountains and bearded eagles,
Black Grouse
black grouse and turkeys can be spotted along the Greater Caucasus Mountains as well. The diversity of the country's fauna is further supplemented by 11 species of amphibians, 330 other species of bird, 160 aquatic species and 48 different kinds of reptiles.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Georgia.
Even-toed ungulates in Georgia
West caucasian tur
East caucasian tur
Goitered gazelle
European elk
Carnivores in Georgia
Arctic wolf
Wild cat
Striped hyaena
Common otter
Eurasian lynx
European pine martin
Cross fox
Beech marten
Marbled polecat
Mediterranean monk seal
European mink
Least weasel
Brown bear
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Georgia
Common porpoise
Atlantic dolphin
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Bats in Georgia
Giant noctule
Western barbastelle
Lesser noctule
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Nathusius' pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Brown big-eared bat
Gray big-eared bat
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Northern bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Mehely's horseshoe bat
Bechstein's bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Geoffroy's bat
Natterer's bat
Rodents in Georgia
Caucasian snow vole
European snow vole
Robert's snow vole
Black-bellied hamster
Long-clawed mole vole
Forest dormouse
Transcaucasian mole vole
Caucasian squirrel
Northern birch mouse
Indian crested porcupine
Kazbeg birch mouse
Little ground squirrel
Brandt's hamster
Eurasian harvest mouse
Altai vole
Small five-toed jerboa
Striped field mouse
Yellow-breasted field mouse
Broad-toothed field mouse
Caucasian mountain ground squirrel
Black sea field mouse
Nehring's bilind mole rat
Ural field mouse
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