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Animals in Greece
Greece has 13,678 km of coastline, between 1200 and 6000 islands, and is eighty percent covered is either hills or mountains. As you might expect, this diverse geography is home to quite an assortment of animal life.

Some of the many mammals that are indigenous to Greece are the fox, deer, boar, elk,
wild cat
wild cat, bear, badger, and jackal. Crete, one of Greece's many islands, houses a rare white goat known as the Kri-Kri. Greece is also home to many small mammals and rodents such as the Brown hare, the Crested porcupine, the
Caucasian squirrel
Caucasian squirrel, the Crete spiny mouse, and the
European snow vole
European snow vole. Over 20 species of bats, including the
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Mediterranean horseshoe bat, Brandt's bat, the Greater mouse-eared bat, and the
giant noctule
Giant noctule, also call Greece home.

Mammals are not the only wildlife found in Greece though, there is also an abundance of reptiles and amphibians. Fire salamanders, Wall geckos, and the Turkish Gecko are some of the lizard-like animal life. The common Tree frog, the Greek tortoise, the Leatherback, and the Loggerhead are some of the more common amphibians found there as well. Greece is even home to some snakes such as the poisonous Viper and Sand viper and the non-poisonous Lizard snake and Ladder snake.

The vast coastline is home to hundreds of species of fish as well as the typical sea life such as squid, octopus, lobster, shrimp, crab, and oysters. Dolphins such as the Grey dolphin and the Rough-toothed dolphin are very common along the shores of Greece.

Quite a few birds can be seen across the countryside of Greece too. Some common birds of prey are the Minerva owl, the Pilgrim falcon, and the Sea eagle. Some other indigenous birds include the Cuckoo, the Stork, the Bee eater, the Stork, and the Pelican.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Greece.
Even-toed ungulates in Greece
Wild boar
Roe deer
Carnivores in Greece
Arctic wolf
Wild cat
Common otter
Eurasian lynx
European pine martin
Cross fox
Beech marten
Mediterranean monk seal
Marbled polecat
Least weasel
European polecat
Brown bear
Asiatic jackal
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Greece
Atlantic dolphin
Grey dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Bats in Greece
Nathusius' pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Gray big-eared bat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Mehely's horseshoe bat
European free-tailed bat
Particoloured bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Brandt's bat
Long-fingered bat
Geoffroy's bat
Greater mouse-eared bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Giant noctule
Lesser noctule
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Greece
Brown hare
European rabbit
Rodents in Greece
European snow vole
Gray dwarf hamster
Forest dormouse
Caucasian squirrel
Crested porcupine
European ground squirrel
Felten's vole
G√ľnther's vole
Thomas's pine vole
European pine vole
Common dormouse
Mouse-tailed dormouse
Crete spiny mouse
Striped field mouse
Yellow-necked field mouse
Lesser mole rat
Broad-toothed field mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
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