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Animals in Guinea
Guinea is a small African country that is divided into four regions. There is a coastal region along the Atlantic shoreline, pastoral highlands, a savannah region, and a rainforest area. As a result, this country is home to wide array of wild animals.

The Cassine Lizard Worm Lizard and Latastia Ornata, a long tailed lizard, are both unique only to the country of Guinea, as are several insects, including two different grasshoppers, two dung beetles, and the Tiger Beetle. Two different wolf spiders and one particular jumping spider are also indigenous only to Guinea.

These are by no means the only examples of wildlife you will find in this amazing area. Thanks to the geographical variety found here, the country is rife with animals of all kinds. Among the endangered species found here are the
chimpanzee and
Diana monkey
Diana monkey, the
Liberian mongoose
Liberian mongoose, and the
Nimba otter shrew
Nimba Otter Shrew. These species are protected as their numbers are quickly dwindling. In addition, there are nine different species in Guinea that are listed as vulnerable, including the Aellen's Roundleaf Bat, the
African elephant
African elephant, the African Golden Cat, and the West African Manatee.

Other animals found in Guinea include species from several categories: mammals, birds, primates, reptiles, and fish. There are over 50 different species of bats, primarily in the rain forest, while in the savannah area you will find African elephants, spotted hyenas, giraffes, and wild dogs. Take a trip to the highlands, and here you will see herds of African buffalo, the Cape hare, and a number of different rodents, including the striped ground squirrel, the African groove toothed rat, and the Kemp's gerbil.

The Atlantic coastal region offers a completely different scene, with gentle African manatees lazing in the warm coastal waters, as well as eight different species of whales and porpoises, making the area a prime spot for whale watching.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Guinea.
Even-toed ungulates in Guinea
Black duiker
Grey duiker
Ogilby's duiker
Yellow-backed duiker
African buffalo
Banded duiker
Pygmy hippopotamus
Common hippopotamus
Common warthog
Giant forest hog
Red river hog
Roan antelope
Bohar reedbuck
Water chevrotain
Common hartebeest
Bay duiker
Maxwell's duiker
Carnivores in Guinea
Speckle-throated otter
African wild dog
African palm civet
African lion
Egyptian mongoose
Striped polecat
African civet
Panther genet
African golden cat
Striped hyaena
Spotted hyaena
Wild cat
African clawless otter
African sand fox
African caracal
Liberian mongoose
Johnston's genet
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Guinea
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Killer whale
Melon-headed whale
Atlantic dolphin
Fraser's dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Atlantic hump-backed dolphin
Atlantic spinner dolphin
Bats in Guinea
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Aba roundleaf bat
Woermann's bat
Benito roundleaf bat
Peter's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Moloney's flat-headed bat
Cyclops roundleaf bat
Gland-tailed free-tailed bat
Sooty roundleaf bat
Lappet-eared free-tailed bat
Tiny pipistrelle
Greater long-fingered bat
Jones's roundleaf bat
Little free-tailed bat
Sierra leone free-tailed bat
Lamotte's roundleaf bat
African sheath-tailed bat
Angolan free-tailed bat
Aellen's roundleaf bat
Dwarf free-tailed bat
Noack's roundleaf bat
Railer bat
Trevor's free-tailed bat
Halcyon horseshoe bat
Dent's horseshoe bat
Little collared fruit bat
Rüppell's horseshoe bat
Guinean horseshoe bat
Welwitch's bat
Hammer-headed fruit bat
Lander's horseshoe bat
Veldkamp's bat
Copper woolly bat
Straw-coloured fruit bat
Maclaud's horseshoe bat
Bushveld horseshoe bat
Lesser woolly bat
Gambian epauletted fruit bat
Pel's pouched bat
Bate's slit-faced bat
Spurrell's woolly bat
Buettikofer's epauletted fruit bat
Zenker's fruit bat
Gambian slit-faced bat
African yellow bat
Large slit-faced bat
White-bellied yellow bat
Hairy slit-faced bat
Nut-colored yellow bat
Intermediate slit-faced bat
Large-eared slit-faced bat
Ja slit-faced bat
Hyraxes in Guinea
Rock dassie
Western tree dassie
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Guinea
Cape hare
Pangolins in Guinea
Three-cusped pangolin
Primates in Guinea
Collared mangabey
Campbell's guenon
Diana guenon
Lesser spot-nosed guenon
Potto gibbon
King colobus
Olive colobus
Patas monkey
Lesser bushbaby
Elephants in Guinea
African elephant
Rodents in Guinea
Ghana rufous-nosed rat
Bunting's thicket rat
Shining thicket rat
Guinea gerbil
Edward's swamp rat
Gambian sun squirrel
Kemp's gerbil
Red-legged sun squirrel
Guinea multimammate mouse
Natal multimammate mouse
Green bush squirrel
Jackson's praomys
Forest soft-furred mouse
African groove-toothed rat
Tullberg's praomys
Giant rat
Gambian rat
Baoule's mouse
Liberian forest hybomys
West african shaggy rat
Pygmy mouse
Temminck's striped mouse
Peter's mouse
Allen's hylomyscus
Gray glimbing mouse
Gracile tateril
Defua rat
Greater cane rat
Rudd's bristle-furred rat
African brush-tailed porcupine
Bellier's lemniscomys
Fire-footed rope squirrel
Striped ground squirrel
Senegal lemniscomys
Rusty-bellied brush-furred rat
Typical lemniscomys
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Guinea
African manatee
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