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Animals in Hong Kong
Hongkong has long been considered as one of the world's top cities. Surprisingly, Hongkong City only occupies less than 25% of the total land area of the region. The remaining 75% constitutes the countryside.

Being a very advanced society, much of its countryside, including its flora and fauna, is strictly protected. Therefore, much of its wildlife thrive in these areas. Furthermore, Hongkong's topography which is composed of towering mountains, vast grasslands, and cool waters give way to the existence of a lot of animal species including some unique ones.

The Chinese White Dolphin is a spectacular example of a native Hongkong animal. Although they migrate to shores thousands of miles away, they still manage to go back and spend the majority of their lives along the cool and brackish river mouths of Hongkong.

Another endemic Hongkong animal is the Romer's tree frog. Contrary to its name, the Romer's tree frog is not really an arboreal creature. Instead, it prefers to live on the grounds of the thick forests of Hongkong.

The Hongkong Cascade frog was first thought to be an endemic species just like the Romer's frog. But recent zoological surveys revealed that the species also thrive in the Chinese mainland. Still, the Cascade frog is a protected species by the Hongkong federal government.

There are also a variety of other plant and animal species considered unique to Hongkong. But, there are also plentiful wildlife that can definitely catch your attention. Monkeys, for example, thrive in the countryside where their freedom and safety are guaranteed.

Birds, too, thrive in the region. Hongkong is an excellent stopover for migratory birds because of its geographical position. And lastly, there are over 6 thousand insect species all over the island of Hongkong.

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Carnivores in Hong Kong
Leopard cat
Small indian civet
Common otter
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Hong Kong
Black finless porpoise
Chinese white dolphin
Common rorqual
Pygmy sperm whale
Bats in Hong Kong
Large myotis
Pangolins in Hong Kong
Chinese pangolin
Primates in Hong Kong
Rhesus macaque
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