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Animals in Honduras
Honduras is located in Central America. Formally named Spanish Honduras, it is currently a Republic. Honduras borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The climate of Honduras varies dramatically depending of the location; it is humid and tropical in the lowlands, and more cool and temperate in the mountains. These contrasting climates make Honduras an epicenter of biodiversity.

Scarlet Macaw
scarlet macaw is the National bird of Honduras, and the country is reputed to have over 700 different species of birds. The different types of birds in Honduras range from the colorful and exotic toucan, parrot, and motmot, to the more average and common oriole, heron, and tanager. The Honduran fruit bat and the Van Gelder's Bat are also native to the country.

Due to the jungles and large swaths of backcountry in Honduras, monkeys are prevalent. The white-faced monkey, spider monkey, and howler monkey all make their home in Honduras. Other species that are native to the country are the anteater,
coyote, fox, armadillo, and the white-tailed deer, which is the National animal of Honduras. In other words, the two specific regions in Honduras, the tropical jungle and the mountains scattered with pine and oak trees, each has its own distinct animal species.

One of the more exotic, notorious, and elusive animals in Honduras is the
jaguar. They are believed to dwell in the forests of the Mosquito Coast, but because of their caution and stealth they are rarely seen, documented, or photographed.
Honduras may be a small country, but its opposing climates and varying landscape offers a diverse animal population.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Honduras.
Even-toed ungulates in Honduras
Collared peccary
White-lipped peccary
White-tailed deer
Red brocket
Carnivores in Honduras
Northern raccoon
Central american cacomistle
Gray fox
American jackal
Caribbean monk seal
Eyra cat
Amazonian hog-nosed skunk
Hooded skunk
Eastern spotted skunk
Common hog-nosed skunk
Greater grison
La plata otter
Long-tailed weasel
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Honduras
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Pygmy sperm whale
Fraser's dolphin
Estuarine dolphin
Bridled dolphin
Atlantic spinner dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Atlantic dolphin
Killer whale
Rough-toothed dolphin
Blainville's beaked whale
Lesser beaked whale
Bats in Honduras
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Hairy-legged vampire bat
White bat
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Spix's disk-winged bat
Brazilian brown bat
Great fruit-eating bat
Hairy big-eared bat
Argentine brown bat
Pygmy fruit-eating bat
White-bellied big-eared bat
Big brown bat
Toltec fruit-eating bat
Schmidts's big-eared bat
Black bonneted bat
Fringe-lipped bat
Dwarf bonneted bat
Wagner's bonneted bat
Striped hairy-nosed bat
Sanborn's bonneted bat
Gray sac-winged bat
Underwood's bonneted bat
Bonda mastiff bat
Greater dog-like bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Tent-maiking bat
Lesser dog-like bat
Sinaloan mastiff bat
Brown tent-making bat
Little yellow-eared bat
Commissaris's long-tongued bat
Silky short-tailed bat
Pale-faced bat
Great stripe-faced bat
Gray long-tongued bat
Chestnut short-tailed bat
Pale spear-nosed bat
Ghost-faced bat
Spectral bat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Seba's short-tailed bat
Greater spear-nosed bat
Silver-tipped myotis
Gray short-tailed bat
Eastern pipistrelle
Elegant myotis
Shaggy bat
Heller's broad-nosed bat
Hairy-legged myotis
Wrinkle-faced bat
Black myotis
Salvin's big-eyed bat
Big crested mastiff bat
Riparian myotis
Cave myotis
Hairy big-eyed bat
Davy's naked-backed bat
Mexican funnel-eared bat
Big naked-backed bat
Southern yellow bat
Godman's long-tailed bat
Parnell's mustached bat
Northern yellow bat
Mexican long-tongued bat
Wagner's mustached bat
Lesser bulldog bat
Big-eared wooly bat
Greater bulldog bat
Broad-eared bat
Southern long-nosed bat
Dark long-tongued bat
Geoffroy's tailless bat
Black-winged little yellow bat
Tomes's sword-nosed bat
Common vampire bat
Aztec fruit-eating bat
Greater sac-winged bat
Little yellow-shouldered bat
White-winged vampire bat
Lesser sac-winged bat
Highland yellow-shouldered bat
Long-legged bat
Northern ghost bat
Honduran fruit-eating bat
American marsupials in Honduras
Alston's woolly mouse opossum
Central american woolly opossum
Common opossum
Mexican mouse opossum
Robinson's mouse opossum
Water opossum
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Honduras
Forest rabbit
Eastern cottontail
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Honduras
Baird's tapir
Primates in Honduras
Black-handed spider monkey
Golden-mantled howling monkey
White-faced capuchin
Rodents in Honduras
Deppe's squirrel
Bolivar rice rat
Dusky rice rat
Variegated squirrel
Coues's rice rat
Alston's brown mouse
Long-nosed rice rat
Hispid cotton rat
Cloud forest rice rat
Alfaro's rice water rat
Big-eared climbing rat
Aztec mouse
Giant pocket gopher
Southern pygmy mouse
Naked-eared deer mouse
Nicaraguan pocket gopher
Nimble-footed mouse
Mexican deer mouse
Peters's climbing rat
Stirton's deer mouse
Brown's hutia
Swan island hutia
Desmarest's spiny pocket mouse
Armored rat
Tome's spiny rat
Nicaraguan woodrat
Mexican woodrat
Mexican hairy dwarf porcupine
Fulvous harvest mouse
Central american agouti
Slender harvest mouse
Ruatan island agouti
Spotted paca
Mexican harvest mouse
Vesper rat
Sumichrast's harvest mouse
Fulvous pygmy rice rat
Salvin's spiny pocket mouse
Hispid pocket gopher
Alfaro's rice rat
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Honduras
American manatee
Edentates in Honduras
Northern naked-tailed armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
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