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A spectacular country to visit with exciting adventures is traveling to Japan. Fine artisans are all throughout the country exhibiting their paintings, sculptures, origami, woodworking and so much more. A traditional Japanese event such as tea ceremonies and music is available throughout the country. 5 things you might not know about Japan are listed below.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
The Cherry Blossom Festival or Hanami is a phenomenal event in Japan held in the springtime. Hanami means the viewing of flowers or the stunning cherry blossoms. This festival takes place all over Japan from March to May. These gorgeous flowers are a main attraction along with Japanese tea ceremonies and performing arts.
Just outside of Tokyo lays Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in the country. This sacred mountain is a dormant volcano and has not erupted since 1708. In the summer peak months of July and August is the best time to climb Mount Fuji as the grounds usually are free of snow and the weather is mild. Hiking to climb the massive mountain takes stamina and is divided into ten stations to rest at. Once on top of the mountain, the clouds will be below you. This is a tremendous adventure and journey unlike any other in the world.
Bathing in the hot springs of Japan are the snow monkeys also called Macaque. Jigokudani Yaen Koen or hell Valley Wild Monkey Park is an invigorating way to spend time watching the monkeys in the springs. Native to northern Japan, the snow monkey live in temperatures below 15 degrees and flourish in the forest and feed on buds, fruit and berries. Their furs are brown and gray with red hands, face and bottom and have humanistic traits.
While in Japan endure a delightful treat of eating mouth watering sushi. Varieties of raw and cooked seafood rolled in seaweed on a bed of rice. There are many different ways and types of sushi and a delicacy to eat.
In the country of Japan, the sun rises first over the country of Japan over all other countries each and everyday. The rising sun emblem is on many different things from kimonos to boats.

The capital of Japan is Tokyo. The currency of Japan is the Yen(JPY) Flag of Japan

Japan belongs to the Asian continent

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Airports in Japan

Narita International Airport, Matsumoto Airport, Hyakuri Ab, Minamitorishima, Iwojima, Kansai International Airport, Nankishirahama Airport, Hiroshimanishi, Tajima, Obihiro Airport, Chitose Ab, Hakodate Airport, Kushiro Airport, Memambetsu Airport, Nakashibetsu Airport, Sapporo Ab, Rebun Island, Tokachi Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, Wakkanai Airport, Iki Airport, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, Kamigoto, Ojika Island, Tsushima Airport, Mombetsu Airport, Asahikawa Airport, Okushiri Island, Rishiri Island, Ashiya Ab, Yakushima, Fukue Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Tanegashima Airport, Kagoshima Airport, Miyazaki Airport, Nyutabaru Ab, Oita Airport, Kitakyushu Airport, Saga Airport, Kumamoto Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Kanoya Ab, Tsuiki Ab, Nagoya Airport, Amami Airport, Okinoerabu, Kikai Island, Tokunoshima Island, Fukui Airport, Gifu Ab, Hamamatsu Ab, Komatsu Ab, Oki Airport, Toyama Airport, Shizuhama Ab, Hiroshima Airport, Okayama Airport, Izumo Airport, Hofu Ab, Miho Ab, Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Kochi Airport, Matsuyama Airport, Osaka International Airport, Tottori Airport, Tokushima Ab, Takamatsu Airport, Iwami Airport, Yao Airport, Ozuki Ab, Aomori Airport, Yamagata Airport, Sado Airport, Fukushima Airport, Hachinohe Ab, Hanamaki Airport, Akita Airport, Misawa Ab, Niigata Airport, Odate-Noshiro Airport, Sendai Airport, Matsushima Ab, Shonai, Atsugi United States Naval Air Station, Tateyama Ab, Chofu Airport, Hachijojima Airport, Iruma Ab, Kisarazu Ab, Oshima Airport, Miyakejima Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Utsunomiya Ab, Naha Airport, Iejima Auxiliary Ab, Kadena Ab, Ishigakijima, Kumejima, Minamidaitojima, Miyakojima, Aguni Island, Hateruma, Shimoji-Shima Island, Tarama Island, Yoron Island, Yonaguni Airport, Chitose Japanese Air Self Defense Force, Nagoya Airport, Shimofusa Ab, Zama Airfield, Yokota Ab, Kitadaito Island, Futenma Marine Corps Air Facility, and Kobe Airport

Leaders of Japan

List of seas in Japan

Aki-nada, Amakusa-nada, Bingo-nada, Genkai-nada, Harima-nada, Hibiki-nada, Hiuchi-nada, Iyo-nada, Kashima-nada, Kumano-nada, Mizushima-nada, Tosa-wan, and the Uwa-kai

The Country dialling code of Japan is +81, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Japan is .jp

Map of Japan



Languages spoken in Japan


Car brands from Japan

Acura, Art and Tech, ASL, Daihatsu, Datsun, Dome, Hino, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jiotto, Lexus, Mazda, Mikasa, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ohta, Prince, Scion, Subaru, Suminoe, Suzuki, Suzulight, Tommy, Toyopet, Tsukuba, Vemac, and Yamaha

Animals native to Japan / which animals live in Japan?

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Airlines in Japan

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Phone manufacturers in Japan

Casio, Sharp, Kyocera, and Toshiba

Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Japan

36 00 N, 138 00 E

Kilometers of coastline

29,751 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

374,744 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

3,091 square kilometers

Birth rate

8.1 / 1000 population

Death rate

8.98 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

25,920 sq km
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