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Animals in Korea, South
Biomes are areas of the world that contain the same climate as well similar plants and animals. If you were to travel to South Korea, you would find a climate that varies from warm to cool with a changing of the seasons. Surrounded by water, precipitation plays a big role in the weather, often times bringing monsoons. You will find a variety of forests, with vegetation ranging from deciduous trees to evergreen trees. In these forests, a variety of animals live and thrive.

South Korea is home to a wide variety of birds. The vulnerable
Baikal teal
baikal teal, was once considered endangered and is making a comeback. You will also find tundra swans, yellow-remped
flycatchers, and crested ibis. The grey-faced buzzard and the
Tiger Shrike
tiger shrike are examples of birds that are indigenous to South Korea.

There are a large number of rodents in South Korea as well, like the red squirrels and the
Siberian flying squirrel
siberian flying squirrels. When it comes to rats or mice, the harvest mouse and the
striped field mouse
striped field mouse are quite common. Korean hares can also be found hopping around the forest.

20% of the mammals in South Korea are made up of bats. From the kobayashi bat to the brown long-eared bat, you will see these flying mammals gliding through the air.

There are 260 species of carnivorous mammals located in South Korea. You will find cats that are common like the leopards, panthers and tigers. You will also find common canines like the gray wolf and the red fox.

The 220 species of ungulates species are very important to the humans economically that live in South Korea. These include the red deer and the sika deer as well as the boar.

In the waters surrounding South Korea, you will find a variety of mammals such as whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Specifically you will find the humpback whale, sperm whale, and the gray whale.

Even though many animals of South Korea have been on endangered species lists, Korean officials understand the importance and are making efforts to help preserve many of their wonderful animal species.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Korea, South.
Even-toed ungulates in Korea, South
Chinese water deer
Siberian musk deer
Chinese goral
Wild boar
Eastern roe deer
Carnivores in Korea, South
Common seal
Arctic wolf
Leopard cat
Asiatic black bear
Common otter
Cross fox
Yellow-throated marten
Japanese marten
Mountain weasel
Least weasel
Siberian weasel
Racoon dog
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Korea, South
Baird's beaked whale
Dall's porpoise
Atlantic dolphin
Devil fish
Bridled dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Long-beaked dolphin
Grey dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Pygmy sperm whale
Pacific white-sided dolphin
Black finless porpoise
Common minke whale
Coalfish whale
Killer whale
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Bats in Korea, South
Brown big-eared bat
Northern bat
Kobayashi's serotine
Greater horseshoe bat
European free-tailed bat
Asian particolored bat
Greater tube-nosed bat
Ussuri tube-nosed bat
Whiskered bat
Hodgson's bat
Fraternal myotis
Birdlike noctule
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Korea, South
Korean hare
Rodents in Korea, South
Striped dwarf hamster
Russian flying squirrel
Tanezumi rat
Eurasian red squirrel
Siberian chipmunk
Greater long-tailed hamster
Eurasian harvest mouse
Striped field mouse
Korean field mouse
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