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Animals in Kazakhstan
Although landlocked (the largest landlocked nation in the world) Kazakhstan is home to an astonishing variety of wildlife. Its fauna include rare species such as the saiga antelope, red bear,
snow leopard
snow leopard and
Golden Eagle
golden eagle.

Portions of the Republic of Kazakhstan are in two continents: Europe and Asia. The largest independent Turkic state in Central Asia, Kazakhstan encompasses approximately 2.7 million square kilometers. The terrain is mainly treeless steppe and desert, with arid to semi-arid climates. Certain regions of Kazakhstan feature rocky canyons, snow-peaked mountains and conifer forests (taigas). Different wildlife species flourish in different regions of the country.

Kazakhstan's desert life includes snakes, lizards and other reptiles; jerboas, gophers and other rodents; and larger animals such as gazelles. Deer, boars, jackals and other mammals live near lakes and rivers. The steppes are home to deer, antelope, badgers, wolves and foxes. In the mountains roam snow leopards, bears and smaller species including lynxes, ibexes, boars and wolves.

Birds of Kazakhstan are diverse. Large species such as vultures and eagles nest in the mountains. Observers in the steppes spot falcons, hawks, pheasants, grouse and partridges.

Kazakhstan maintains a number of nature reserves. The oldest, established in 1927, is Aksu-Zhabagly. Within its 85,000 hectares dwell some 50 mammal and 240 bird species, including the snow leopard, red bear and golden eagle.

In eastern Kazakhstan, Caspian deer and bears are among the more than 80 animal species in the Markakol Natural Reserve. A mountain lake is home to the unusual uskuch whitefish.

The rare white heron is a distinguished inhabitant of the Naurzum One reserve. Kurgaldzhino is remarkable for its rare bird species, including the
Mute Swan
mute swan and
Dalmatian Pelican
Dalmatian pelican. The Ustyurt Reserve is noted for its reptilians.

Various international organizations have been active in preserving Kazakhstan's natural assets. Expert-guided wildlife tours are available.

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Even-toed ungulates in Kazakhstan
Eastern roe deer
Goitered gazelle
European elk
Saiga antelope
Carnivores in Kazakhstan
Arctic wolf
African caracal
European mink
Least weasel
Asiatic wild dog
Pallas's cat
Corsac fox
Jungle cat
Cross fox
Sand cat
Beech marten
Wild cat
Steppe polecat
Marbled polecat
Common otter
Eurasian lynx
Mountain weasel
Brown bear
Bats in Kazakhstan
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Brandt's bat
Pond bat
Geoffroy's bat
Giant noctule
Lesser noctule
Bobrinski's serotine
Botta's serotine
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Gray big-eared bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Kazakhstan
Steppe pika
Alpine pika
Large-eared pika
Turkestan red pika
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Kazakhstan
Rodents in Kazakhstan
Desert dormouse
Thick-tailed pygmy jerboa
Field vole
Eversmann's hamster
Northern birch mouse
Tien shan vole
Flat-headed vole
Ural field mouse
Altai birch mouse
Root vole
Gray birch mouse
Social vole
Southern birch mouse
Five-toed pygmy jerboa
Long-tailed dwarf hamster
Giant mole rat
Siberian zokor
Gray dwarf hamster
Long-clawed ground squirrel
Black-bellied hamster
Red-cheeked ground squirrel
Yellow ground squirrel
Northern three-toed jerboa
Russet ground squirrel
Forest dormouse
Little ground squirrel
Northern mole vole
Tien shan ground squirrel
Zaisan mole vole
Long-tailed ground squirrel
Yellow steppe lemming
Thick-tailed three-toed jerboa
Siberian chipmunk
Lichtenstein's jerboa
Comb-toed jerboa
Desert hamster
Dzhungarian hamster
Indian crested porcupine
Steppe lemming
Lesser fat-tailed jerboa
Dwarf fat-tailed jerboa
Menzbier's marmot
Greater fat-tailed jerboa
Gray marmot
Small five-toed jerboa
Bobak marmot
Great jerboa
Libyan jird
Svertzov's jerboa
Heptner's pygmy jerboa
Great gerbil
Mid-day jird
Mongolian five-toed jerboa
Pale pygmy jerboa
Tamarisk jird
Vinogradov's jerboa
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