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Animals in Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein is a small European country nestled in the Alps. It is bordered completely by Austria and Switzerland and lies entirely in the mountains. The animals of Liechtenstein represent the mountain habit in which they reside.
wild boar
Wild boars roam the forests of Liechtenstein. They are common and are the ancestors of domestic pigs. Also common in the forests are roe deer, a small to medium deer. They are most active at dawn and dusk and may venture out of the forests to meadows and fields to feed. Roe deer are typically solitary, except during mating season. Only the male roe deer have antlers.
Quite a few small to medium carnivores, or meat-eaters, reside in Liechtenstein. Among them is the
least weasel
least weasel, which is the smallest living carnivore. The least weasel is reddish-brown with a white underbelly and is usually solitary. Red foxes are also common. Other carnivores which may be seen in Liechtenstein are badgers, pole cats,
ermine, beech martin and pine marten. The
beech marten
beech marten can be a pest to humans, and is known for disabling cars by chewing through the ignition wires. River otters are also indigenous to Liechtenstein, but are now classified as near threatened, and may be harder to spot.
There are many species of bats present in Liechtenstein, including the mouse-eared bat and the gray big-eared bat. Bats can be seen at dawn and dusk exiting and entering their roosts. Several species of mice and voles also inhabit the area. The
Eurasian beaver
Eurasian beaver is a rodent that was once hunted to near extinction, but conservation efforts have brought about recovery to their populations. Several hares are indigenous to Liechtenstein, including the brown hare and artic hare. The artic hare's fur will turn white in winter for camouflage, then brown in the summer.

Even-toed ungulates in Liechtenstein
Wild boar
Roe deer
Carnivores in Liechtenstein
Common otter
European pine martin
Least weasel
Cross fox
Beech marten
European polecat
Bats in Liechtenstein
Bechstein's bat
Brandt's bat
Greater mouse-eared bat
Lesser noctule
Gray big-eared bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Western barbastelle
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Liechtenstein
Arctic hare
Brown hare
Rodents in Liechtenstein
Alpine marmot
Field vole
European pine vole
Yellow-necked field mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
Ural field mouse
Eurasian beaver
Forest dormouse
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