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Luxembourg is a country in western Europe and is surrounded by Germany, France, and Belgium. This small country encompasses an area of 2,586 square kilometers and has a population of just over 500,000 people. It was initially founded as a Roman era fortress site and is currently the last remaining sovereign Grand Duchy in the world.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
The country has more Michelin-starred restaurants per square kilometer of land than any other country. The cuisine is heavily influenced by the nearby countries of France and Germany. Most of the native dishes that are consumed as traditional daily fare stem from Luxembourgian peasantry, similar to German cuisine with a marked contrast to the more sophisticated French fare.
Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita in the world and is ranked fourth in the quality-of-life index. The stable, high-income economy was fueled by the steel industry until the 1960s. Most of the economic output is now driven by the financial sector as the country is an important private banking center in the Eurozone.
Students in Luxembourg are taught three languages, German, French, and Luxembourgish, before graduating from secondary school. French is the official written language and is used by authorities and businesses in Luxembourg. However, Luxembourgish and German are commonly spoken instead of French.
The petrol station that sells the most fuel in the world, the Aire de Berchem, is in Luxembourg and is located on the A3 motorway between the city of Luxembourg and France. The price of petrol is fixed by government decree and is the same at every petrol station in the country regardless of the owner or size.
Luxembourg is a secular state and doesn't collect statistics on the religious beliefs of the citizens. However, the government makes contributions towards the wages and operating costs for officially mandated religions. The most notable religious building in the country is the Notre-Dame Cathedral located in Luxembourg city.

The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg. The currency of Luxembourg is the Euro(EUR) Flag of Luxembourg

Luxembourg belongs to the European continent

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Airports in Luxembourg

Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Leaders of Luxembourg
The Country dialling code of Luxembourg is +352, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Luxembourg is .lu

Map of Luxembourg



Languages spoken in Luxembourg

French, German, Luxembourgish

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Luxembourg

49 45 N, 6 10 E

Kilometers of coastline

0 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

2,586 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

0 square kilometers

Birth rate

11.84 / 1000 population

Death rate

8.42 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

NA sq km
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