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Animals in Libya
Libya has lots and lots of widlife. Libya has basic farm animals such as the cow, sheep, goat and chicken. There national animal is the Arabian Eagle. In the desert you will find ninety-five species of reptiles which consist of lizards, snakes and turtles. Libya does have some protected areas where animals can live protected because most of the wildlife native to the county or extinct or on there way to being extinct. You can find Barbary sheep in Libya as well. Another animal that you find living in the desert is a
fennec, also known as a desert fox. One of the beautiful animals of this country is a gazelle. Libya is also home to the world's highest flying bee, jabal alakhdar, which is protected by a program to save it from extinction. There are several turtle species that can be found in Libya as well. The kleinmanni and the golden greek tortoise are just a couple of the types of turtles found in this country. These two are already on the extinction list. The libyan jerboa is another rodent on the endangered species list for Libya even those residents in the United States bred them and keep them as pets.Most of Libya is devoid of vegetation and there only supports minimal growth. There only about 14 plant species that are native to Libya. You will find that a lot of the wildlife in Libya dessert mammals. The northern area of the country is a lot of forest. The most noticeable plant that you will find in Libya is a family member in lily family and jubele.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Libya.
Even-toed ungulates in Libya
Sahara oryx
Addra gazelle
Dorcas gazelle
Rhim gazelle
Common hartebeest
Wild boar
Carnivores in Libya
Asiatic jackal
Arctic wolf
African caracal
African lion
Wild cat
African sand fox
Cross fox
Striped hyaena
Fennec fox
Egyptian mongoose
Saharan striped polecat
Common genet
Mediterranean monk seal
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Libya
Atlantic dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Long-finned pilot whale
Bats in Libya
Trident bat
Giant noctule
Lesser noctule
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Rüppel's pipistrelle
Canary big-eared bat
Mehely's horseshoe bat
Geoffroy's horseshoe bat
Lesser mouse-tailed bat
Greater mouse-tailed bat
Hyraxes in Libya
Rock dassie
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Libya
Cape hare
Elephant-shrews in Libya
North african elephant shrew
Primates in Libya
Rodents in Libya
Algerian mouse
Shaw's jird
Middle east blind mole rat
Val's gundi
Fat-tailed gerbil
Asian garden dormouse
Pleasant gerbil
Fat sand rat
Anderson's gerbil
Thin sand rat
Lesser egyptian gerbil
Grobben's gerbil
Pygmy gerbil
Lataste's gerbil
Baluchistan gerbil
Lesser short-tailed gerbil
Sand gerbil
Tarabul's gerbil
Crested porcupine
Lesser egyptian jerboa
Greater egyptian jerboa
Cairo spiny mouse
Sundevall's jird
Libyan jird
Four-toed jerboa
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