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Animals in Mayotte
Life on Earth is so diverse and is existent in bacteria, plants, and animals. Animals especially, can be seen in great variety. Of course, all animals don't live in exactly one spot on the planet, but certain animals live in specific areas of the world that cater to their specific needs. For example, a Mayotte Sunbird would probably not be found hanging upside down on a branch in the country of Canada, but more likely to be seen in the country of Mayotte.

Many distinct animals live specifically in the country of Mayotte. As already mentioned, the Mayotte Sunbird is a very unique animal that lives endemically within Mayotte. Mayotte contains habitats like subtropical/tropical moist lowlands and this type of habitat serves as a good home for the Mayotte Sunbird. Another animal that lives particularly in Mayotte is the
brown lemur
Brown Lemur. This medium-sized primate is well suited to living in Mayotte because the land also has rain and dry forests. These types of forests give ample amount of food to the Brown Lemurs and satisfy their nourishment to further their extant condition. A bird, called the Mayotte Drongo, is endemic to Mayotte. Mayotte gives specificity to the Mayotte Drongo as a home with places of high altitude that are possibly wet and also rainforests. These birds are very unique to the world but have been slowly declining in number over the past couple of years. Coconut crabs are another type of animal that also roams the country of Mayotte. Mayotte provides rock crevices and places for underground burrows to be made for these extremely large crustaceans.

There is so much life that can be found in the country of Mayotte. This small list of animals is just a small number in comparison to the vast number of species that exist on Mayotte.

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