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Animals in Mongolia
Mongolia is a country in the heart of Asia that has little impacted by the presence of man. The country is very interested in the preservation of its natural reserves. Mongolia has a very diverse animal population, there is approximately 59 bird species and about 28 mammal species. Livestock is unquestionably the most abundant and most visible part of animal life in this country and its livestock is the primary occupation of the rural population. As such, livestock comprises about 90% of the domestic agricultural industry and animal by-products like horse hair, sheep wool, hides, bone-dust, raw cashmer, and meat are an enormous part of Mongolian exports. The five chief species of domesticated animals are horses, sheep and goats, cows, camels, and reindeer. Generally, herds graze freely under the watchful eye of a herdsman and are brought back to the settlement at night. Other animals that are unique to Mongolia are the marmot, which are large ground squirrels that live in the Mongolian steppes. Marmot hunting is a favorite pastime for many Mongolians because marmot meat is considered very flavorful and a delicacy.
snow leopard
Snow leopards are very rare and are an endangered species because many poachers seek them out for their fur. Then there is the Mongolian Yak, of the subspecies, Bos grunniens, also know as a type of ox, that is predominent in the northern and western region of the country. These animals are favored for their strength in pulling and their hides are also prized.

There exists in Mongolia, various animal habitats. Forests, cover about 15% of the country. Then there are steppes and meadows which cover about 52% of the country's territory. Lastly, Mongolia is covered in about 32% percent desert. The largest and most famous being the Gobi desert; the deserts are sparsely populated with vegetation.

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Even-toed ungulates in Mongolia
Saiga antelope
Siberian musk deer
Goitered gazelle
European elk
Eastern roe deer
Carnivores in Mongolia
Arctic wolf
Asiatic black bear
Asiatic wild dog
Least weasel
Corsac fox
Cross fox
Beech marten
Marbled polecat
Pallas's cat
Jungle cat
Mountain weasel
Brown bear
Common otter
Eurasian lynx
Bats in Mongolia
Greater tube-nosed bat
Particoloured bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Brandt's bat
Northern bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Botta's serotine
Ikonnikov's bat
Brown big-eared bat
Gray big-eared bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Mongolia
Alpine pika
Daurian pika
Northern pika
Pallas's pika
Arctic hare
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Mongolia
Asian wild ass
Rodents in Mongolia
Eurasian red squirrel
Mid-day jird
Flat-headed vole
Northern birch mouse
Mongolian jird
Tuva silver vole
Korean field mouse
Alashan ground squirrel
Eurasian harvest mouse
Ural field mouse
Daurian ground squirrel
Field vole
Red-cheeked ground squirrel
Narrow-headed vole
Five-toed pygmy jerboa
Long-tailed ground squirrel
Lacustrine vole
Eurasian beaver
Andrews's three-toed jerboa
Maximowicz's vole
Mongolian vole
Striped dwarf hamster
Mongolian three-toed jerboa
Altai vole
Long-tailed dwarf hamster
Siberian chipmunk
Root vole
Sokolov's dwarf hamster
Gray dwarf hamster
Northern three-toed jerboa
Wood lemming
Forest dormouse
Transbaikal zokor
Zaisan mole vole
Yellow steppe lemming
Przewalski's steppe lemming
Long-eared jerboa
Campbell's hamster
Desert hamster
Steppe lemming
Brandt's vole
Balikun jerboa
Gobi jerboa
Mongolian five-toed jerboa
Russian flying squirrel
Gobi altai mountain vole
Thick-tailed pygmy jerboa
Dwarf fat-tailed jerboa
Gray marmot
Large-eared vole
Mongolian hamster
Kozlov's pygmy jerboa
Great gerbil
Tarbagan marmot
Mongolian silver vole
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