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Animals in Mali
Mali is a land which borders the Sahara Desert. In fact 40% of Mali is covered with desert or semi-desert. Still the country has an amazing array of wild animals. Mali has African Lions, Ball Pythons, Black Rhinos, crocodiles,
chimpanzees, dromedary camels, elephants, lemurs,
Mandrill Baboons,
giraffes, hippos, leopards,
spotted hyena
spotted hyenas and many others. The country also has a large number of birds including endangered species like the aquatic warbler, the corncrake, greater spotted eagle, lappet-faced vulture, lesser Kestrel, marbled teal and the Mali fire finch among others. The country is a natural wonderland and thousands visit each year to enjoy the flora and fauna.

Mali has diverse landscapes. While the northern section is covered with arid and semi-arid desert regions, the central and southern region of the country features grassy savannahs and tropical wetlands. This has a direct impact on the plant and animals life found in this African nation. Forests are found along its border with Guinea. There are also river valleys where ibis, pelicans, kingfishers, ducks and herons make their homes. The diversity in the landscape makes Mali attractive to a stunning array of predatory and prey animals. They all compete for nesting space and continue the ancient drama of the interaction of the species which has taken place in this vast natural wonderland for many millennia.

The country also has a number of plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. There is the rupicolous gerbil, the Mali carpet viper, the Mali screeching frog and batta marsh toad, a killifish and an elephant fish and several invertebrates including a ground beetle and a flower beetle, a katydid, a jumping spider, several scorpions and beetles. The land is awash with interesting species. Want to see nature's finest? Take time to see Mali's flora and fauna.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Mali.
Even-toed ungulates in Mali
Bohar reedbuck
Red-flanked duiker
Roan antelope
Common warthog
Red river hog
Grey duiker
African buffalo
Addra gazelle
Dorcas gazelle
Rhim gazelle
Red-fronted gazelle
Common hartebeest
Sahara oryx
Common hippopotamus
Carnivores in Mali
Saharan striped polecat
Striped polecat
Common genet
Haussa genet
Striped hyaena
Spotted hyaena
Speckle-throated otter
African wild dog
Wild cat
African sand fox
Fennec fox
Asiatic jackal
Honey badger
African lion
Side-striped jackal
Bats in Mali
Jones's roundleaf bat
Rüppell's horseshoe bat
Noack's roundleaf bat
Gland-tailed free-tailed bat
Lesser mouse-tailed bat
Lappet-eared free-tailed bat
Greater mouse-tailed bat
Little free-tailed bat
African yellow bat
White-bellied yellow bat
Greenish yellow bat
Yellow-winged bat
Straw-coloured fruit bat
Gambian epauletted fruit bat
Egyptian tomb bat
Horn-skinned bat
Peter's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Angolan free-tailed bat
Mongalla free-tailed bat
Midas free-tailed bat
Gambian slit-faced bat
Hairy slit-faced bat
Large-eared slit-faced bat
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Trident bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Mali
Cape hare
Primates in Mali
Patas monkey
Lesser bushbaby
Elephants in Mali
African elephant
Rodents in Mali
Crested porcupine
Gambian rat
Lesser egyptian jerboa
Northwestern fat mouse
West african shaggy rat
Dainty fat mouse
Senegal lemniscomys
Pouched gerbil
Guinea gerbil
Kemp's gerbil
Mzab gundi
Savanna gerbil
Guinea multimammate mouse
Felou gundi
Gracile tateril
Natal multimammate mouse
Petter's gerbil
Greater cane rat
Hausa mouse
Sudan gerbil
Matthey's mouse
Lesser egyptian gerbil
Striped ground squirrel
Pygmy mouse
Pygmy gerbil
Baluchistan gerbil
Nigerian gerbil
Greater egyptian gerbil
Tarabul's gerbil
Savanna dormouse
Tullberg's praomys
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Mali
African manatee
Aardvark in Mali
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