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Animals in Monaco
Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, second only to Vatican City in Italy. It is approximately two kilometers square in area. It borders France and the Mediterranean sea, and is fortunate to have a mild, sunny climate almost all year.

Terrestrial land mammals that are native to Monaco include the Roe Deer, the
least weasel
Least weasel, and the Cross fox. The Roe deer makes it's home all over western Europe. It is a small, fast and agile animal that prefers wooded areas. Interestingly, it is a crepuscular animal, meaning it is most active at dawn and dusk. The Least weasel is a little carnivore that has reddish fur and a white belly. They are so feisty that they prefer to be alone at all times and are barely able to even tolerate a mate during mating season. The Cross fox is so named because it has a white cross marking on it's back which distinguishes it from other fox species.

Monaco is lucky to have two types of dolphins that live in it's sea waters. The Atlantic dolphin is a common type of dolphin that roams much of the planet's waters including the Mediterranean sea. The
striped dolphin
striped dolphin is another dolphin that can be found in Monaco's waters. It is somewhat fragile, as it refuses to be fed while in captivity and is listed as conservation dependent, meaning, although it is not endangered, it's future survival depends on taking steps now to limit threats to it.

Although Monaco is one of the tiniest nations on earth, many interesting creatures can be found there.

Even-toed ungulates in Monaco
Roe deer
Carnivores in Monaco
Least weasel
Cross fox
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Monaco
Atlantic dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Rodents in Monaco
Long-tailed field mouse
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