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Endangered animals in Mexico

List of mammals that are endangered in Mexico is grouped by order (taxonomic rank). Links to the page of the specific animal with pictures and facts. An endangered species is a population of animals which risks becoming extinct, because it is either low in numbers, or threatened by environmental or predation changing parameters.
Endangered Carnivores in Mexico
Cozumel island raccoon
Tres marias islands raccoon
Sea otter
Endangered Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Mexico
Coalfish whale
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Endangered Bats in Mexico
Miller's myotis
Flat-headed myotis
Allen's yellow bat
Least yellow bat
Greater long-nosed bat
Findley's myotis
Endangered Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Mexico
Volcano rabbit
Tres marias cottontail
Omilteme cottontail
Tehuantepec hare
Endangered Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Mexico
Baird's tapir
Endangered Primates in Mexico
Guatemalan black howler monkey
Endangered Rodents in Mexico
Anthony's woodrat
Bunker's woodrat
San martin island woodrat
Bryant's woodrat
Nelson's woodrat
Turner island woodrat
Oaxacan pocket gopher
Querétaro pocket gopher
Perote mouse
Dickey's deer mouse
San lorenzo mouse
False canyon mouse
Slevins's mouse
San esteban island mouse
Cozumel harvest mouse
Mexican prairie dog
San quintin kangaroo rat
San jose island kangaroo rat
Margarita island kangaroo rat
Jico deer mouse
Nelson's spiny pocket mouse
Chiapan climbing rat
Tumbala climbing rat
Michoacan pocket gopher
Endangered in Mexico
Sclater's shrew
San cristobal shrew
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