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Animals in Nepal
Nepal is along the same latitude as the state of Florida and it presents both tropical and subtropical climates. There can be quite a difference for climate in different parts because of the varying altitudes. Rainfall also varies from region to region, with warmer parts being toward the Bay of Bengali and cooler areas toward the Himalayan Mountain range. Different phases of monsoon seasons (four in all) bring rainfall and provide freshwater for people, animals and the verdant jungles and vegetation in Nepal. Animals live in a veritable collage of landscape'ranging from jungles, mountains, plains, and aquatic.
Since Nepal is a beautiful, tropical destination, it is no wonder that we find all sorts of jungle animals living in it. There are tigers, bears, leopards, monkeys, deer and of course, birds. As many as eight hundred species of birds call Nepal home. Of them, the daphne is their national bird. The daphne, an exotic pheasant, is known for its glamorous colors when it spreads its wings. Other native birds include the spiny babbler and the Nepal kalij.
There are many varieties of fish, one of which is only found in Nepal (the pharping catfish). Also its fresh waters is the Nepalese snow trout and bagrid catfish. For those interested in indigenous reptiles, Nepal has several native lizards (such as the naked toe gecko) and various vipers (like the Shah's bamboo pit viper). Of the different mammals in Nepal, one may find the Csorba mouse-eared bat and the Nepalese field mouse.
Out of all the lovely and diverse species of animals, the lowly cow is adored and worshiped. If cows and bovine worship is not of particular interest to the naturalist , then perhaps the Bengal tiger may be. It is the most endangered species and yet eighty percent of the world's Bengal tigers live right in Nepal.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Nepal.
Even-toed ungulates in Nepal
Wild yak
Pygmy hog
Asian buffalo
Alpine musk deer
Black musk deer
Wild boar
Himalayan tahr
Indian muntjac
Carnivores in Nepal
Siberian weasel
Striped hyaena
Brown bear
Gem-faced civet
Asian palm civet
Common otter
Indian smooth-coated otter
Eurasian lynx
Marbled cat
Asiatic jackal
Arctic wolf
Asiatic black bear
Sloth bear
Bengal fox
Asiatic golden cat
Sand fox
Cross fox
Leopard cat
Beech marten
Fishing cat
Asiatic wild dog
Spotted linsang
Large indian civet
Small indian civet
Indian grey mongoose
Javan mongoose
Jungle cat
Lesser panda
Crab-eating mongoose
Burmese ferret-badger
Honey badger
Yellow-throated marten
Yellow-bellied weasel
Clouded leopard
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Nepal
Blind river dolphin
Bats in Nepal
Himalayan whiskered bat
Least horseshoe bat
Asian barbastelle
Little nepalese horseshoe bat
Mountain noctule
Lesser mouse-tailed bat
Great evening bat
Harlequin bat
Painted bat
Rohu's bat
Indian pipistrelle
Brown big-eared bat
Small bent-winged bat
Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat
Indian flying-fox
Little tube-nosed bat
Lesser dog-faced fruit bat
Round-eared tube-nosed bat
Hutton's tube-nosed bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Intermediat horseshoe bat
Whiskered bat
Blyth's horseshoe bat
Kashmir cave bat
Tickell's bat
Woolly horseshoe bat
Whiskered myotis
Great roundleaf bat
Big-eared horseshoe bat
Mandelli's mouse-eared bat
Pomona roundleaf bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Nepal
Nubra pika
Assam rabbit
Black-lipped pika
Large-eared pika
Royle's pika
Woolly hare
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Nepal
Great indian rhinoceros
Pangolins in Nepal
Chinese pangolin
Primates in Nepal
Common langur
Assam macaque
Rhesus macaque
Elephants in Nepal
Asian elephant
Rodents in Nepal
Smoke-bellied rat
Ward's field mouse
Chestnut white-bellied rat
Particolored flying squirrel
Lesser bandicoot rat
Greater bandicoot rat
White-bellied rat
Malayan porcupine
Indian crested porcupine
Hairy-footed flying squirrel
Himalayan striped squirrel
Irrawaddy squirrel
Indian gerbil
Spotted giant flying squirrel
Hodgson's giant flying squirrel
Himalayan marmot
Lesser bamboo rat
Bhutan giant flying squirrel
Asiatic long-tailed climbing mouse
Sikkim vole
Soft-furred rat
Tibetan dwarf hamster
Himalayan field rat
Millard's rat
Sikkim rat
Crump's mouse
Tanezumi rat
Little indian field mouse
Orange-bellied himalayan squirrel
Turkestan rat
Fawn-colored mouse
Black giant squirrel
Cook's mouse
Rock-loving mouse
Earth-colored mouse
Northern palm squirrel
Stoliczka's mountain vole
Strachey's mountain vole
Himalayan field mouse
Kashmir field mouse
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