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Animals in Marshall Islands
The Republic of the Marshall Islands are in typical atoll formation consisting of low-lying narrow strips of land enclosing a body of water or a lagoon.
There is a hot and humid climate, which does not have a very fertile land. Most of the land mass is covered with sand, gravel, and various stages of rock including boulders and sandstone.
Wood, harvested from the various trees, is often used to create medicines or perfumes. Coconut Palms cover 60% of the total land area, followed by pandanus, breadfruit, and citrus trees.
There is a wide variety of plant and animal life in Marshall Islands but only one native mammal species, The
Polynesian rat
Polynesian rat.
Importing for agricultural purposes has introduced a few species of pigs and poultry.
Over 70 species of birds such as the Mallard,
Black noddy
Black Noddy, Tufted,
Canvasback, Gargarey, Gadwall, and
Sanderling Ducks are just some of the inhabitants. There are 31 species of seabirds that make these islands home. Of all these birds only 15 species find the islands a suitable breeding ground.
As many as 27 species of Marine Mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises have been noted here. Some of these are the
pygmy killer whale
Pygmy killer whale, Fraser's dolphin, Bunch, Blainville's beaked whale, Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale and Long-beaked dolphin.
There have been over 250 species of reef fish found in the Marshall Islands, which can probably be greatly attributed to the diverse coral species, well over 300 known species, which are found here and provide habitat for them.
The large marine diversity includes over 230 species of algae, in various coloration including red, green, brown and blue-green varieties. This may be why all known species of Marine Turtles have been found in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. There are seven species of reptiles and lizards that have been seen here including a single species of blind snake.
As in most tropical climates numerous species of arthropods: insects, spiders and crabs are seen here.
Species that are endangered on the islands include Blue whale, sperm whale, Micronesian pigeon, and leatherback and hawksbill turtles.
The Marshall Islands are a unique piece of our planet, offering a chance to see how many species of animals and plants can survive and thrive in less than optimal conditions.

Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Marshall Islands
Pygmy killer whale
Fraser's dolphin
Blainville's beaked whale
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Long-beaked dolphin
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