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Endangered animals in Russia

List of mammals that are endangered in Russia is grouped by order (taxonomic rank). Links to the page of the specific animal with pictures and facts. An endangered species is a population of animals which risks becoming extinct, because it is either low in numbers, or threatened by environmental or predation changing parameters.
Endangered Even-toed ungulates in Russia
Saiga antelope
European bison
West caucasian tur
Endangered Carnivores in Russia
Asiatic wild dog
Sea otter
Northern sealion
Mediterranean monk seal
European mink
Endangered Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Russia
Coalfish whale
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Endangered Bats in Russia
Ussuri tube-nosed bat
Endangered Rodents in Russia
Long-tailed birch mouse
Wrangel lemming
Evorsk vole
Muisk vole
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The animals displayed on this page are group in their scientific order. View also countries of the world ordered by:
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