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Saudi Arabia
Known as the largest state in Western Asia, Saudi Arabia is a country with a rich history and a culture all its own. One of the more well known facts about Saudi Arabia is that it holds the second largest oil reserves in all of the world, but there are some facts about Saudi Arabia that you might not know. If you'd like to learn a few more interesting facts about Saudi Arabia, here are 5 things you might not know about this oil rich country.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
Saudi Arabia is a country that consists of a mainly younger aged population. In fact, 75% of its population is under the age of 35 with 18 being the average age of its citizens. That's a lot of young people!
Saudi Arabia is home to the world's largest airport. Certain parts of Saudi Arabia are quickly becoming top travel destinations for tourists, and King Khaled Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia provides a landing pad for all of these excited travelers.
Saudi Arabia has no lakes or rivers, but they do have wadis, basins and oases. It is also home to the largest sand desert on earth which is located in the southern part of Saudi Arabia and is called Rub' al Khali which translates to Empty Quarter in English.
In Saudi Arabia, the general public does not pay any taxes. Along with not paying taxes, citizens of Saudi Arabia also receive free health care.
Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that has a ban on female drivers. That's right, if you are a woman who lives in Saudi Arabia, you can't drive a car.

The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. The currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal(SAR) Flag of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia belongs to the Asian continent

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Airports in Saudi Arabia

Gassim, Dhahran International, Rafha, Ḩā'il Airport, Al Jawf Airport, King Khalid International, Abha, Al Ahsa, Al Baha, Bisha, Dammam-King Fahd International Airport, Dawadmi, Gizan, Guriat, Jubail Naval, Jeddah King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Hafr Al-Batin, Khamis Mushait, Madinah, Najran, Al Qaysumah, Arar, Riyadh, Sharurah, Tabuk, Taif, Turaif, Wadi Al Dawasser Airport, Wejh, and Yenbo

Leaders of Saudi Arabia
The Country dialling code of Saudi Arabia is +966, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Saudi Arabia is .sa

List of oil fields in Saudi Arabia (27)

Map of Saudi Arabia



Languages spoken in Saudi Arabia


Animals native to Saudi Arabia / which animals live in Saudi Arabia?

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Airlines in Saudi Arabia

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Saudi Arabia

25 00 N, 45 00 E

Kilometers of coastline

2,640 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

2,149,690 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

0 square kilometers

Birth rate

29.1 / 1000 population

Death rate

2.55 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

16,200 sq km
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