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Animals in Saint Helena
Animals Who Habitat on St. Helena

There are unique and distinctive animals that live on the Island of St. Helena. The Southern Atlantic Elephant Seal is a rugged animal, and the Saint Helena Earwig may be extinct. Jonathan, the tortoise, is about 176 years old, and the
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are viewed by many dolphin watchers.

The Southern Atlantic Elephant Seal is a robust mammal of the carnivore family. The average weight of this seal is 880 to 1,980 pounds, and it has a face resembling an elephant. The name of The Southern Atlantic Seal results from his elephant-like proboscis. The males weigh between 4,847 to 8,800 pounds. While on land, the seals live in groups but when they are in the water they hunt alone. This species of seals dive deeper, and stay under water longer. When they are not in the water, their habitat is rocky and sandy beaches.

The Saint Helena Earwig is the world's largest earwig. It has no back legs, and the color of the earwig is shiny black. The earwig has reddish colored legs. It only grows to be about three inches long and lives in deep burrows. Earwigs inhabit in the dwellings of the colonies of seabirds, and they choose rocky areas and places that are simple. Because many habitats of this earwig have been destroyed, it may be extinct. This special earwig has not been seen since 1967.

Arriving on St. Helena in 1882, Jonathan, the tortoise is the oldest, known living animal. His habitat is a plantation built for the tortoises on the island. Jonathan mates with the three female tortoises on the plantation. He is probably blind in one eye but loves attention shown to him.

Pleasing the people watching them, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins travel in coastal waters in groups of 15. They are fast swimmers and have significant energy. Having an upper body of gray, the dolphins are quite hefty. Atlantic Spotted Dolphins eat fish and cephalopods. They swim into the coastal regions and sometimes, come in shore or offshore.

Carnivores in Saint Helena
Amsterdam island fur seal
South atlantic elephant-seal
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Saint Helena
False killer whale
Bridled dolphin
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Shepherd's beaked whale
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Southern right whale
Southern right whale dolphin
Blainville's beaked whale
Gervais' beaked whale
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