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Animals in San Marino
The country of San Marino is a beautiful place to live. Effectively, The Republic of San Marino is an enclave which is completely surrounded by Italy and has one of the world's oldest economies. It is a very small nation, approximately 64km in size and is home to over 30,000 citizens. Most notable about the great nation of San Marino are the unique animals which call this land home. From rats to weasels and even the common otter, there is quite an ecosystem squeezed into this small package.

One of the most notable native animals to San Marino is the cross fox. This unique fox varies greatly in size and can range anywhere from 2.5 - 7 kilograms. While they do vary in size, the cross fox is still typically larger than its North American relatives. These animals are carnivores and require a regular diet of insects, small animals and some rodents. From time to time, they do indulge in the occasional piece of fruit.

The common otter also calls San Marino home. These little creatures thrive in all sorts of water habitats, from ponds, lakes, small rivers and even streams or brooks. Otters like to keep to themselves and are considered nocturnal creatures, migrating mostly in the small hours of the night. Otters are usually very slender, as they need to be able to swim easily through bodies of water, especially when hunting fish.

greater horseshoe bat
greater horseshoe bat is an animal which lives in very small numbers in San Marino. This creature is listed as "Near Threatened" due to its very low numbers and is quite close to qualifying for "Threatened" status. Newborn greater horseshoe bats are called "pups" until fully grown. A group of these animals is typically referred to as a "Cloud."

Finally, the "
least weasel
least weasel" is considered to be the smallest carnivore currently living today. It never grows beyond 20 or so centimeters in length and has a unique reddish colored fur. These animals prefer to live alone and even show signs of their need for solitude when mating. Usually, when a male and female decide to mate, a rather violent fight ensues beforehand.

Carnivores in San Marino
Cross fox
Common otter
Least weasel
Bats in San Marino
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Rodents in San Marino
Long-tailed field mouse
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