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Trinidad and Tobago are islands near South America and have different types of habits such as tropical rain forests, savannas and wetlands, which offers a large variety of animals. The White Fronted Capuchin monkeys and the Red Howler monkeys are the two different types of monkeys that are commonly found in Trinidad and Tobago, along with 108 different mammals, and over 400 different types of birds, such as the Amazon Parrot.

Ocelot is a
wild cat
wild cat found in Trinidad and Tobago, which many call the 'Painted Leopard.' Ocelots are nocturnal animals and are very territorial. Ocelots eat several different types of food, which include eating birds, rodents, snakes, frogs, and even monkeys.

The islands have Crab Eating Raccoons, and
wild boar
wild boars called The
collared peccary
Collared Peccary which are also called 'musk hogs' due to the scent they give off. The Collared Peccary has tusks they use for rooting, when looking for food and for self defense, and are always sharp, in fact the Collared Peccary has self sharping tusks which happen every time the animal opens or closes its mouth. The Collared Peccary can be found in the rainforests in Trinidad and Tobago.

As with other places around the world Trinidad and Tobago has endangered species like the Green
Loggerhead Turtle
Loggerhead Turtles, the Leather-back Turtles, and the Hawksbill Turtles which can be seen nesting on the beaches.

Other animals that can be seen in Trinidad and Tobago are iguanas, snakes, the silky anteater, opossums, pacas, deer, armadillos, and wild dogs along with 55 different types of reptiles, and over 600 different types of butterflies.

Even-toed ungulates in Trinidad and Tobago
Red brocket
Brown brocket
Collared peccary
Carnivores in Trinidad and Tobago
Crab-eating raccoon
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Trinidad and Tobago
Rough-toothed dolphin
Grey dolphin
Fraser's dolphin
Gervais' beaked whale
Estuarine dolphin
Bats in Trinidad and Tobago
Lesser sac-winged bat
White-bellied big-eared bat
Great fruit-eating bat
Little yellow-shouldered bat
Seba's short-tailed bat
Tilda yellow-shouldered bat
Wrinkle-faced bat
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Striped hairy-nosed bat
Little big-eyed bat
Greater round-eared bat
Hairy big-eyed bat
Black mastiff bat
Intermediate long-tailed bat
Fringe-lipped bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Miller's mastiff bat
Sinaloan mastiff bat
Tent-maiking bat
Ghost-faced bat
Common vampire bat
Great stripe-faced bat
Hairy-legged myotis
White-winged vampire bat
Spectral bat
Black myotis
Northern ghost bat
Riparian myotis
Brazilian brown bat
Black bonneted bat
Greater bulldog bat
Thumbless bat
Broad-eared bat
Miller's long-tongued bat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Lesser dog-like bat
Pale spear-nosed bat
Red bat
Greater spear-nosed bat
Southern yellow bat
Heller's broad-nosed bat
Tomes's sword-nosed bat
Big crested mastiff bat
Brown mastiff bat
Davy's naked-backed bat
Macconnell's bat
Parnell's mustached bat
Wagner's mustached bat
Little white-shouldered bat
Geoffroy's tailless bat
Proboscis bat
Hairy big-eared bat
Gervais's fruit-eating bat
Greater sac-winged bat
Little big-eared bat
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
American marsupials in Trinidad and Tobago
Bare-tailed woolly opossum
Murine mouse opossum
Robinson's mouse opossum
Gray-bellied slender mouse opossum
Primates in Trinidad and Tobago
White-fronted capuchin
Red howler monkey
Rodents in Trinidad and Tobago
Brazilian porcupine
Short-tailed cane mouse
Trinidad water rat
Arboreal rice rat
Trinidad arboreal rice rat
Fulvous pygmy rice rat
Trinidad spiny pocket mouse
Trinidad spiny rat
Armored spiny rat
Spotted paca
Northern grass mouse
Coues's climbing mouse
Red-tailed squirrel
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Trinidad and Tobago
American manatee
Edentates in Trinidad and Tobago
Common long-nosed armadillo
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