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Animals in Tuvalu
Tuvalu is located within the British colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands used to be, and after these islands separated, the British colony became known as Tuvalu. The region offers an oceanic climate, and is located approximately half way between australia and hawaii, offering a tropical climate zone. During the months between March and Novembers, the island is moderated by easterly trade winds, and between November to March, it is often covered by heavy rains.

The polynesian island region typically has been known for animals which are known as oceanic species, i.e., fish, and marine wildlife. These are the most common species to the island, and is what most visitors will expect to find in terms of "wildlife," in the region. However, natives of the region, know about several other species including: antrhopods, birds, echinoderms, mammals, mollusks, and several reptiles which have migrated to the colonies. So, although many think that you are only going to find fish, and marine life, in Tuvalu, there are several species which visitors will be surprised to find when they visit this diverse region.

As far as anthropods, visitors can expect to find species such as the honey bee, shrip, chancre crab, butterflies, fresh water crabs, kuruna prawn (native), and several other species which are only found on the islands. There are also several speices of birds, both native and those which can be found around the world, including: pelican, falcon, the common rhea, emu bird,
Laughing Gull
laughing gulls, eagles, and several other species which have migrated, due to the mild climates, and are capable of surviving on the islands.

So, although fish and marine life, including: bone fish, blue marlin,
Flying fish
flying fish, queen
Angel fish
angel fish (and other native species), are the common and most known animal life in Tuvalu; visitors will be surprised to find that there is a much broader animal life than they might have expected to find in the country. So, when visiting Tuvalu, tourists should take either a tour, or visit the distinct regions of the area, to see what animal life might be lurking around where they are visiting.

Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Tuvalu
Pygmy killer whale
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Bridled dolphin
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