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Animals in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan is home to several beautiful as well as rare, species of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. With amazing raw terrain that includes mountains, desserts and forests, Uzbekistan is rich in biodiversity, its natural reserves, oasis, woods and meadows make for great and comfortable habitats for the animals that live there. Along with this, the country's sunny weather all year round makes it a nature lover's favorite spot. With over 27000 species of plants and animals, Uzbekistan has for many decades attracted tourists, scientists and ecological experts. Uzbekistan's history shows that early settlers chose this area as home because they found plenty of hunting opportunities here. Cave paintings reveal that Uzbekistan has for many centuries been a home to many animals, which include carnivorous and herbivorous animals.

Among the wildlife that can be found in Uzbekistan, carnivores frequent the natural reserves and mountains. Leopards, tigers, arctic wolves, the African
caracal, the
jungle cat
Jungle cat, the
sand cat
Sand cat, the
Corsac fox
Corsac fox, the
wild cat
Wild cat, the Cross fox, the Ermine, the Striped hyena, the Marbled polecat, the Brown bear, the Eurasian lynx and the Cheetah are just some of the wild animals that live in Uzbekistan. There are also many species of friendlier animals in Uzbekistan and these include birds, smaller mammals and fish. The green toad, goats, mountain sheep, the pheasant, the cuckoo, the magpie, the jackal, the black crow, the southern nightingale and the Bukhara deer are among these and can often be seen in the various birch wood rich areas and lower mountainous regions of Uzbekistan.

There are more than 60 types of fish in the waters of Uzbekistan. Some of the native fish include the European perch, the Northern Pike, the Turkestan Sculpin, the Scaled Osman, the Milkfish, the common Marinka, the Aral trout, the Wels catfish and the Tibetian stone loach. Several species of bats and rodents are also found in Uzbekistan but none is as popular as the Central Asian Cobra, found in the Karshi dessert. Other venomous snakes include the Saygak and the four striped runner. Uzbekistan is a beautiful country, full of exotic and rare species as well as more common ones. Definitely an animal lovers paradise.

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Even-toed ungulates in Uzbekistan
Saiga antelope
Goitered gazelle
Carnivores in Uzbekistan
Arctic wolf
African caracal
Jungle cat
Sand cat
Corsac fox
Wild cat
Cross fox
Striped hyaena
Marbled polecat
Common otter
Brown bear
Eurasian lynx
Least weasel
Pallas's cat
Bats in Uzbekistan
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Bobrinski's serotine
Botta's serotine
Long-fingered bat
Geoffroy's bat
Fraternal myotis
Giant noctule
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Uzbekistan
Turkestan red pika
Rodents in Uzbekistan
Comb-toed jerboa
Northern three-toed jerboa
Forest dormouse
Zaisan mole vole
Heptner's pygmy jerboa
Long-clawed ground squirrel
Yellow ground squirrel
Little ground squirrel
Lichtenstein's jerboa
Thick-tailed three-toed jerboa
Turkmen jerboa
Long-tailed marmot
Menzbier's marmot
Libyan jird
Mid-day jird
Tamarisk jird
Short-tailed bandicoot rat
Great jerboa
Svertzov's jerboa
Vinogradov's jerboa
Bobrinski's jerboa
Afghan vole
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