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The British Virgin Islands are home to a wide variety of animals, many of the most spectacular of which are unique to the islands. The British Virgin Island's collection of unique species holds a proportionally large number of reptiles in particular. The tropical climate of the BVI makes an especially good home for a number of reptile species, among them geckos, iguanas and snakes. Many reptile species on the islands are endangered, including the
Anegada ground iguana
Anegada Ground Iguana, an amazing and unique reptile species that has been reduced to around 200 individuals. Another interesting reptile is also one of the worlds smallest: the Virgin Gorda Least Gecko. The Carrot Rock Anole and Carrot Rock Skink are also found exclusively in the British Virgin Islands, as is the Anegada
Worm Snake
Worm Snake.

There are also a number of invertebrates and amphibians unique to the British Virgin Islands. Beetles, butterflies, wasps, goblin spiders, centipedes and shrimp are among the types of invertebrates that have unique species in the BVI. The Virgin Islands Coqui, a critically endangered frog, is one of the unique amphibians on the islands.

The British Virgin Islands hold several types of habitats, among them seagrass meadows, mangroves, sandy beaches and coral reefs. These habitats allow many unique species to call the BVI home. The sandy beaches, for example, provide excellent nesting habitat for the Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

Specific islands within the British Virgin Islands are known for the particular habitats that dominate them. Anegada, for example, is very flat and low-lying, which allows it to hold many salt lakes and white sand beaches. These habitats are excellent for the unique Anegada Ground Iguana and Anegada Worm Snake, both of which enjoy the flat and salty environment.

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