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Animals in Argentina
Argentina is home a very diverse and unique wildlife network, with many of the animals being found no where else on the planet; many species of birds, amphibians, insects, lizards and snakes are found throughout Argentina, including deadly species, such as the Patagonian lancehead snake. However, there are just as many beautiful and unique wildlife species that are not as threatening and some are even favored pets for many around the globe.

Birds, Fish and Mammals

Argentina is a seasonal home to many species of migratory and year-round birds, as well as hosting some amazing freshwater diversity throughout its network of streams, rivers and lakes. In addition, there are several species in each of these groups that are unique to Argentina, such as the white-headed steamer duck and Moreno's ground dove.

The Patagonian catfish, a recently-named species of tetra and a species of cichlid are just a few of the freshwater fish native to Argentina, and there are also quite a few unique marine animals along the coast, including a species of seahorse.

Some amazing mammals are also unique to Argentina, including the
pink fairy armadillo
pink fairy armadillo; this a peculiar-looking, yet adorable and furry, species of armadillo that is quite different from the gray and slated appearance of North American adaptations. Argentina is also the home of the
Patagonian opossum
Patagonian opossum, several rat and mice species, and dozens of species of burrowing rodents, known as tuco-tucos, all of which are found only in this spectacular country.

Snakes and Lizards

One of the most notorious species of snakes in the world, the Patagonian lancehead, is probably the most ominous of Argentina's reptiles, but nowhere near the only one. Along with this deadly, yet strikingly beautiful snake, are over 60 species of lizards within the genus Liolaemus, a species of gecko and a particular type of anole, all found only in Argentina.

Frogs and Insects

Amphibians are abundant throughout Argentina, with one of the most intriguing types of frogs, the Christian's marsupial frog, which carries its eggs in a pouch on its underside. Another species of frog, the Argentine green-horned frog, is quite a popular pet in the U.S., more commonly recognized as the Pac-Man frog.

There are also several species of insects, including several beetles and a species of grasshopper, that are unique to Argentina's landscape. The understanding of the diversity of animals inhabiting Argentina is growing continuously, and as technologies and exploration continue, we are sure to see many more amazing new and species that are only found there, for many years to come.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Argentina.
Even-toed ungulates in Argentina
Chilean guemal
Marsh deer
Chilean pudu
Collared peccary
White-lipped peccary
Chacoan peccary
Pampas deer
Red brocket
Brown brocket
Brazilian dwarf brocket
North andean deer
Carnivores in Argentina
Maned wolf
South atlantic elephant-seal
Chilean pampa cat
Geoffroy's cat
Chilean cat
Molina's hog-nosed skunk
Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk
Andean cat
Lesser grison
Patagonian weasel
South american coati
Argentine gray fox
Crab-eating raccoon
Azara's fox
Andean fox
Little spotted cat
South american fur seal
Marine otter
Common fox
La plata otter
Andean bear
Eyra cat
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Argentina
Hector's beaked whale
Bryde's whale
Layard's beaked whale
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Arnoux's beaked whale
False killer whale
Flatheaded bottlenose whale
Killer whale
Pygmy sperm whale
Blackchin dolphin
Hourglass dolphin
Dusky dolphin
Bridled dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Pygmy right whale
Cuvier's beaked whale
Long-finned pilot whale
Commerson's dolphin
Shepherd's beaked whale
Black porpoise
Southern right whale dolphin
Black dolphin
Southern right whale
Grey dolphin
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Common minke whale
Gray's beaked whale
Coalfish whale
Bats in Argentina
White-lined bat
Big-eared brown bat
Big-eared wooly bat
Small big-eared brown bat
Big crested mastiff bat
Brown mastiff bat
Rufous dog-faced bat
Ipanema bat
Dwarf dog-faced bat
Common vampire bat
Black mastiff bat
White-winged vampire bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Southern myotis
Silver-tipped myotis
Chilean myotis
Hairy-legged myotis
Hawaiian hoary bat
Yellowish myotis
Bogota yellow-shouldered bat
Black myotis
Southern yellow bat
Seba's short-tailed bat
Hairy yellow-shouldered bat
Riparian myotis
Little yellow-shouldered bat
Red myotis
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Brazilian brown bat
Velvety myotis
Diminutive serotine
Argentine brown bat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Fringed fruit-eating bat
Harmles serotine
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Pale spear-nosed bat
Lesser bulldog bat
Great fruit-eating bat
Greater round-eared bat
Greater spear-nosed bat
Broad-eared bat
Black bonneted bat
Greater bulldog bat
Flat-faced fruit-eating bat
Big free-tailed bat
Dwarf bonneted bat
Big bonneted bat
Long-legged bat
Wagner's bonneted bat
Western bonneted bat
American marsupials in Argentina
Brown four-eyed opossum
Water opossum
Gray four-eyed opossum
Pale-bellied woolly mouse opossum
Elegant fat-tailed opossum
Pallid fat-tailed opossum
Small fat-tailed opossum
Southern short-tailed opossum
Shrewish short-tailed opossum
Western woolly opossum
Patagonian opossum
Agile gracile mouse opossum
White-eared opossum
Big-eared opossum
Common opossum
Lutrine opossum
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Argentina
Forest rabbit
Monito del monte in Argentina
Monito del monte
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Argentina
Brazilian tapir
Primates in Argentina
Black howler monkey
Rodents in Argentina
Delta pygmy rice rat
Biting chincilla mouse
Robust tuco-tuco
Andean altiplano mouse
Lesser wilfred's mouse
Budin's grass mouse
Yellow pygmy rice rat
Peterson's chincilla mouse
Tucuman tuco-tuco
Jelski's altiplano mouse
Cursor grass mouse
Dolorous grass mouse
Long-tailed pygmy rice rat
Strong tuco-tuco
Gray grass mouse
Magellanic pygmy rice rat
Central american agouti
Southern mountain cavy
Web-footed marsh rat
Intelligent grass mouse
Small-eared pygmy rice rat
Common yellow-toothed cavy
Azara's agouti
Brazilian porcupine
Shipton's mountain cavy
Chaco marsh rat
Chaco crimson-nosed rat
Kemp's grass mouse
Black-footed pygmy rice rat
Argentine tuco-tuco
Torres's crimson-nosed rat
Woolly grass mouse
Brazilian false rice rat
Southern tuco-tuco
Rufous-bellied bolo mouse
Long-haired grass mouse
Azara's tuco-tuco
Chilean climbing mouse
Hairy-tailed bolo mouse
Manso grass mouse
Striped atlantic forest rat
Bolivian tuco-tuco
Atlantic bamboo rat
Dark bolo mouse
Molina's grass mouse
Bonetto's tuco-tuco
Temchuk's bolo mouse
Neuquen grass mouse
Bunny rat
Bolburn's tuco-tuco
Fossorial giant rat
Blackish grass mouse
Southern climbing mouse
Paraguayan rice rat
Conover's tuco-tuco
Olive grass mouse
Swamp rat
Intermediate rice rat
Patagonian cavy
Emily's tuco-tuco
Crafty vesper mouse
Altiplano grass mouse
Guianan squirrel
Big-headed rice rat
Chacoan mara
Forest tuco-tuco
Southern viscacha
Large vesper mouse
Sanborn's grass mouse
Bolivian squirrel
Elegant rice rat
Tawny tuco-tuco
Wolffsohn's viscacha
Small vesper mouse
Gray-ellied grass mouse
Paraguay hairy dwarf porcupine
Rat-headed rice rat
Haig's tuco-tuco
Plains viscacha
Andean vesper mouse
Spegazzini's grass mouse
Terraced rice rat
Catamarca tuco-tuco
Drylands vesper mouse
Forest grass mouse
Argentine hocicudo
Mottled tuco-tuco
Chaco grass mouse
Hispid hocicudo
Monte gerbil mouse
Magellanic tuco-tuco
Yellow-nosed grass mouse
Ihering's hocicudo
Morgan's gerbil mouse
Maule tuco-tuco
Mendoza tuco-tuco
Ashy chinchilla rat
Olrog's chaco mouse
Paramo hocicudo
Andean gerbil mouse
Tiny tuco-tuco
Andean mouse
Red hocicudo
Highland gerbil mouse
Furtive tuco-tuco
Long-clawed mole mouse
Brazilian guinea pig
Highland tuco-tuco
Montane guinea pig
Goya tuco-tuco
South american water rat
San luis tuco-tuco
Andean swamp rat
Porteous's tuco-tuco
Rushi's rat
Salta tuco-tuco
Pale leaf-eared mouse
Chilean rock rat
Buenos aires leaf-eared mouse
Silky tuco-tuco
Edwards's long-clawed mouse
Edith's leaf-eared mouse
Southern big-eared mouse
Sage's rock rat
Capricorn leaf-eared mouse
Bridges's degu
Mountain degu
Social tuco-tuco
Gray leaf-eared mouse
Andean long-clawed mouse
Andean big-eared mouse
Spotted paca
Darwin's leaf-eared mouse
Viscacha rat
Talas tuco-tuco
Short-tailed chinchilla
Plains viscacha rat
White-bellied grass mouse
Bunchgrass leaf-eared mouse
Chacoan pygmy rice rat
Collared tuco-tuco
Altiplano chincilla mouse
Azara's grass mouse
Yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse
Edentates in Argentina
Giant armadillo
Six-banded armadillo
Southern long-nosed armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
Brazilian lesser long-nosed armadillo
Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo
Greater naked-tailed armadillo
Southern three-banded armadillo
Screaming hairy armadillo
Large hairy armadillo
Burmeister's armadillo
Lesser fairy armadillo
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