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Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Andes Mountain Range, Argentina is the second largest country by land area in South America. Argentina is a land of natural beauty, a thriving economy, cosmopolitan cities, and a fascinating culture and history. The country is one of the major Latin American powers and is the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world, making it a major international force. Five facts about Argentina are listed below.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
Argentina is comprised of twenty-three provinces of varying sizes. Among these provinces there are treaties which form the provinces into four federal regions: Argentine Greater North Region, Center Region, New Cuyo Region, and the Patagonic Region.
The etymology of the word Argentina is derived from the Spanish word argento, meaning silver. The names was first used formally in an 1826 national constitution, but the original use of the word is traced back to a poem published in 1602.
After Spanish, the second most widely spoken language in Argentina is Italian. There are also significant numbers of Arabic and German speakers in the country and English is currently taught in most schools as a second language. Indigenous communities in Argentina use their own regional dialects or original languages, such as Quechua.
Fewer than ten percent of Argentina's residents live in rural areas and half of the country's population live in the ten major metropolitan areas. The cities tend to be very cosmopolitan since most Europeans who immigrate to Argentina settle in the cities. The country's largest city, Buenos Aries, has a metropolitan area population of thirteen million people and is one of the globe's most populated urban areas.
Though Argentina's most popular sport is considered to be football, pato is the official national sport of the country. The word pato means duck in Spanish and in the earliest games of pato players used a duck rather than a ball. The game contains elements of basketball and polo and it is played on horseback using a six-handle ball. Pato has had to be banned by Argentina's government several times throughout the nation's history because of violence.

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso(ARS) Flag of Argentina

Argentina belongs to the South American continent

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Airports in Argentina

Mar Del Plata, Rosario International, Alvear-Aeroparque Rosario, Concordia Aerodrome, Gualeguaychu Aerodrome, Junin Aerodrome, Parana Aerodrome, Sauce Viejo Aerodrome, Buenos Aires Observatorio, Cordoba Aerodrome, Chepes, Gobernador Gordillo, Don Torcuato Aerodrome, La Plata Aerodrome, Ezeiza Aerodrome, Mendoza Aerodrome, San Martin, Malargue Aerodrome, San Rafael Aerodrome, Catamarca Aero., Santiago Del Estero Aero., Tinogasta, La Rioja Aero., Chilecito, Tucuman Aerodrome, San Juan Aerodrome, Ceres Aerodrome, Rio Cuarto Aerodrome, Villa Dolores Aerodrome, Laboulaye, Marcos Juarez Aerodrome, Villa Reynolds Aerodrome, San Luis Aerodrome, Corrientes Aero., Resistencia Aero., Formosa Aerodrome, Iguazu Aerodrome, Paso De Los Libres Aerodrome, Monte Caseros Aerodrome, Posadas Aero., Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena Aerodrome, Salta Aerodrome, Jujuy Aerodrome, Oran Aerodrome, La Quiaca Observatorio, Tartagal Aerodrome, Las Lomitas, Reconquista, SF, Curuzu Cuatia Aerodrome, Comodoro Rivadavia Aerodrome, Esquel Aerodrome, San Antonio Oeste Aerodrome, Trelew Aerodrome, Viedma Aerodrome, Puerto Madryn, CHT, Lago Argentino Aerodrome, Puerto Deseado Aerodrome, Rio Grande B. A., Rio Gallegos Aerodrome, Ushuaia Aerodrome, San Julian Aerodrome, Perito Moreno Aerodrome, Gobernador Gregores Aerodrome, Santa Cruz Aerodrome, Azul Airport, Bahia Blanca Aerodrome, General Pico Aerodrome, Tres Arroyos, Neuquen Aerodrome, Pehuajo Aerodrome, Santa Rosa Aerodrome, Bariloche Aerodrome, Tandil Aerodrome, Villa Gesell, Chapelco, Aeroparque Bs. As. Aerodrome, San Fernando, BA, El Palomar Aerodrome, El Bolson Aerodrome, Flughafen Buenos Aires-Ezeiza, and Flughafen Buenos Aires-Jorge Newbery

Leaders of Argentina
The Country dialling code of Argentina is +54, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Argentina is .ar

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Argentina

34 00 S, 64 00 W

Kilometers of coastline

4,989 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

2,736,690 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

30,200 square kilometers

Birth rate

16.53 / 1000 population

Death rate

7.55 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

15,500 sq km
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