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Animals in Brunei
Brunei is the home of many, unique animals; There is an great amount of different kinds of wildlife, everything ranging from
proboscis monkey
proboscis monkeys to crocodiles! Three fifths, of Brunei is tropical rainforests the other one fifth is under secondary forest, different types of habitat, is one of the reasons there are so many unique animals in Brunei.

The rainforest of Brunei, produces different vegetation for different animals. In Brunei you will find that there are, proboscis monkeys, leaf monkeys,
pigtail macaque
pigtail macaques, gibbons,
sun bear
sun bears, bats and so many more species! This is just a short list of, the wildlife.

You will also find that there are many different reptiles in Brunei. Brunei is home to large reticulated python, the countries swampland and woodlands are filled with different reptiles, and animals, it doesn't end with rainforests. In the swamplands and woodlands you will find, the Bengal monitor, Burmese python, giant soft shell turtles, salt water crocodiles, and water monitors. Again these are just some of the reptiles you will find.

Everything, that is special to the people of Brunei, is at risk with poaching people are killing these beautiful creatures for their own profit! There are also many endangered animals in Brunei, like the crocodile they are poached for their skin, the Asian elephant, they are poached for their horns (Ivory) thankfully the Asian elephants population is believe to be increasing.

There you have it a list of some of the beautiful, species you will find in Brunei, although there are many more animals, birds, and reptiles; now you have a taste of some of the species found in Brunei.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Brunei.
Even-toed ungulates in Brunei
Bearded pig
Greater mouse deer
Carnivores in Brunei
Asian palm civet
Leopard cat
Flat-headed cat
Fishing cat
Malayan sun bear
Indian smooth-coated otter
Collared mongoose
Clouded leopard
Malayan stink badger
Yellow-throated marten
Malayan weasel
Marbled cat
Banded palm civet
Banded linsang
Bay cat
Malayan civet
Small-toothed palm civet
Otter civet
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Brunei
Grey dolphin
Chinese white dolphin
Fraser's dolphin
Black finless porpoise
Bats in Brunei
Narrow-winged pipistrelle
Dayak fruit bat
Small asian sheath-tailed bat
Greater dawn bat
Common thick-thumbed bat
Large flying fox
Blanford's bat
Acuminate horseshoe bat
Intermediat horseshoe bat
Bornean horseshoe bat
Papillose woolly bat
Woolly horseshoe bat
Clear-winged woolly bat
Lesser woolly horseshoe bat
Painted bat
Trefoil horseshoe bat
Whitehead's woolly bat
White-collared fruit bat
Brown tube-nosed bat
Pygmy fruit bat
Spotted-winged fruit bat
Rohu's bat
Kelaart's pipistrelle
Flying lemurs in Brunei
Malayan flying lemur
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Brunei
Sumatran rhinoceros
Pangolins in Brunei
Malayan pangolin
Primates in Brunei
Banded langur
Gray leaf monkey
Maroon langur
Bornean gibbon
Horsfield's tarsier
Crab-eating macaque
Pig-tailed macaque
Long-nosed monkey
Slow loris
Elephants in Brunei
Asian elephant
Rodents in Brunei
Shrew-faced squirrel
Least pygmy squirrel
Smoky flying squirrel
Cream-coloured giant squirrel
Thick-spined porcupine
Horse-tailed squirrel
Long-tailed porcupine
Black flying squirrel
Tree shrews in Brunei
Bornean tree shrew
Painted tree shrew
Large tree shrew
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Brunei
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