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A rich culture and a idyllic landscape often comes to mind when someone thinks about Indonesia. Yet this vibrant country has many interesting facts that are not really all that well known that the potential visitor might find useful to know. Above all, they can help break some unflattering stereotypes of this diverse and unforgettable land.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world. Even though the Hindu dancers of Bali may be the most internationally recognized aspect of Indonesian culture, over 80% of the population has been of the Sunni Muslim faith since the late middle ages, when Arab traders brought their faith with them. Perhaps because the faith was brought there peacefully, Indonesia's brand of Islam is very tolerant and people of all faiths co exist there with little friction.
Indonesia has more Facebook users (Over 40 million) than any country on earth except for the United States,. This one was a surprise. For a country better known for a relative lack of technological sophistication when compared to the nearby 'tiger' economies of Taiwan and Singapore, the Indonesian youth have taken a great liking to Facebook. This is useful if a visitor wants to keep track of acquaintances made during a visit there, although we would ask that you exercise caution over any social network before you get to know them in person!
It is the largest island nation on Earth. With maritime boundaries exceeding the length of the continental United States, it is commonly known that Indonesia sports a lot of Islands. The exact number is an astounding 6,000 inhabited islands. Add the uninhabited ones, and there are over 18,000 islands in the whole archipelago.
Indonesia is a leader in natural biodiversity. While some readers may be familiar with some exotic species such as the Komodo dragon or the highland orangutan, very few laypeople know that Indonesia ranks second only to Brazil in estimated biodiversity. The internal rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo still contain may unclassified species awaiting discovery.
Badminton is the national sports obsession. While football is very popular, (just witness all 100,000 fans chanting the 'Garuda' song when the national team plays!) badminton matches are religiously followed and the top players are major celebrities.

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. The currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah(IDR) Flag of Indonesia

Indonesia belongs to the Asian continent

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Airports in Indonesia

Ujung Pandang - Hasanuddin, Bau-Bau - Beto Ambiri, Kendari - Woltermon-Ginsidi, Biak - Mokmer, Nabire, Enarotali, Jayapura - Sentani, Wamena - Wamena, Merauke - Mopah, Tanah Merah - Tanah Merah, Galela - Gamarmalamu, Gorontalo - Jalaluddin, Tahuna, Toli-Toli - Lalos, Palu - Mutiara, Menado - Dr. Sam Ratulangi, Poso - Kasiguncu, Ternate - Babullah, Luwuk - Bubung, Amahai, Saumlaki, Sanana, Ambon - Pattimura, Namlea, Fak-Fak - Torea, Kaimana - Utarom, Manokwari - Rendani, Sorong - Jefman, Sabang - Cut Bau, Tasikmalaya - Cibeureum, Malang - Abdul Rahkmansaleh, Pakanbaru - Simpangtiga, Bandung - Husein, Jakarta Halim Perdanakusuma, Jogyakarta - Adisucipto, Cilacap, Semarang - Ahmadyani, Telukbetung - Beranti, Tanjungpandan - Buluh Tumbang, Pangkalpinang - Pangkalpinang, Tanjungpinang - Kijang, Singkep - Dabo, Gunung Sitoli - Binaka, Padang - Tabing, Medan - Polonia, Sibolga - Pinangsori, Ketapang - Rahadi Usmaman, Ranai - Ranai, Pontianak - Supadio, Sintang, Jambi - Sultan Taha, Bengkulu - Padangkemiling, Palembang - Talangbetutu, Rengat - Japura, Meulaboh - Cut Nyak Dhien, Lhokseumawe - Malikussaleh, Banda Aceh - Blangbintang, Banjarmasin - Syamsuddin Noor, Pangkalan Bun - Iskandar, Kotabaru, Palangkaraya - Panarung, Maumere - Wai Oti, Kupang - El Tari, Larantuka, Longbawan - Juvai Semaring, Tarakan - Juwata, Samarinda - Temindung, Ampenan - Selaparang, Bima, Denpasar - Ngurah-Rai, Sumbawa Besar - Sumbawa Besar, Waingapu - Mau Hau, Surabaya - Juanda, Surakarta - Adisumarmo, Jakarta - Soekarno-Hatta, Pongtiku, Lapangan Terbang Wirasaba, Lapangan Terbang Tunggulwulung, Lapangan Terbang Sulaeman, Lapangan Terbang Husein Sastranegara, Blang Bintang, Bandar Udara Ahmad Yani, Lapangan Terbang Halimperdanakusuma, Lapangan terbang Abdulrahmansaleh, Bandar Udara Penggung, Lapangan Terbang Padakama, Lapanganterbang Naha, Lapangan Terbang Perintis Pomalaa, Pelabuhan Udara Woltermonginsidi, Lapangan Terbang Mutiara, Lapangan Terbang Perintis Pomalaa, and Bandara Muhammad Salahudin

Leaders of Indonesia

List of seas in Indonesia

Laut Lepar, and the Molucca Sea

The Country dialling code of Indonesia is +62, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Indonesia is .id

List of oil fields in Indonesia (4)

Map of Indonesia



Languages spoken in Indonesia

Balinese, Indonesian

Animals native to Indonesia / which animals live in Indonesia?

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Airlines in Indonesia

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Indonesia

5 00 S, 120 00 E

Kilometers of coastline

54,716 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

1,826,440 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

93,000 square kilometers

Birth rate

19.65 / 1000 population

Death rate

6.25 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

45,000 sq km
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