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Animals in Slovakia
Wildlife native to Slovakia runs from the very small and exotic to the very large. Slovakia is a land of mountains and forests, deciduous and coniferous, and the steppes. The forests are home to multiple species of birds and small mammals and the steppes see the larger animals, bison and deer. The carnivores make their home in the forests, the lynx,
wild boar
wild boar and wolf live and hunt here. Slovakian folklore is full of stories about the wild boar and the dreaded wolf. Birdlife includes eagles, and the
Great Bustard
great bustard. The bustard is an endangered species receiving international attention as Slovakia works to preserve its wildlife heritage

But two of the most extreme animals are native to this mountainous and beautiful land: the marmot and the Hucul horse. The marmot is a small mammal, herbivores that can live an average of 6 years. They live in family groups. They are considered an endangered species due to predators, eagles, and poachers.

The Hucul horse dates back to the 1600's as a bred work horse suited to the steppes. It is an average 13 hands and sturdy and good natured. It can live on the rough grazing vegetation of the steppes and is used for farm work and a thriving horse tourism trade. Their easy nature makes them good rides and work partners and their generally healthy nature ensures a daily output of tourist pleasure and crop output.

From the large to the small, Slovakia hosts an animal ark that amazes and endures.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Slovakia.
Even-toed ungulates in Slovakia
Wild boar
European elk
Roe deer
Carnivores in Slovakia
Arctic wolf
Wild cat
Common otter
Eurasian lynx
European pine martin
Cross fox
Beech marten
Steppe polecat
European mink
Least weasel
European polecat
Brown bear
Asiatic jackal
Bats in Slovakia
Lesser noctule
Nathusius' pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Brown big-eared bat
Gray big-eared bat
Northern bat
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Particoloured bat
Bechstein's bat
Brandt's bat
Pond bat
Geoffroy's bat
Greater mouse-eared bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Western barbastelle
Giant noctule
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Slovakia
Brown hare
European rabbit
Rodents in Slovakia
Eurasian beaver
European snow vole
Black-bellied hamster
Forest dormouse
Garden dormouse
Eurasian red squirrel
Northern birch mouse
Southern birch mouse
Alpine marmot
European ground squirrel
Field vole
Root vole
Tatra vole
Common vole
European pine vole
Mound-building mouse
Common dormouse
Striped field mouse
Yellow-necked field mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
Ural field mouse
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