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Slovakia is a country in Eastern Europe and dates from the 9th century, when it was a member of the kingdom of Greater Moravia. This country later joined in with the Hungarian Kingdom, where it stayed as a member of this governmental entity until 1867. At this time, the country joined with the Czech Republic to form Czechoslovakia. This country disbanded in the early 1990's, and the two members eventually joined the European Union. Here are five interesting facts about Slovakia:
5 Facts You Might Not Know
Slovakia is a landlocked country that has cool summers and mild winters that are filled with rain. The terrain features rugged mountains in the central and northern areas of the country and has lowlands along the southern edge. The country is also home to the Danube River.
This country has the largest amount of Gypsies of any country other than Hungary. The population consists of 85,8% Slovak, 9,7% Hungarian and 1,7% Romas. The predominant religion in the country is Roman Catholicism, and close to 70% of the population embraces this belief system.
Slovaks have the second highest rate of obesity in the European Union, and the fourth in the entire world. There seems to be genetic factors that account for these numbers rather than diet. This country also has the highest rate of heart disease and deaths from this problem in all of Europe.
Slovakia adopted the Euro in January 1, 2009, and this country has unemployment rates of about 10%. This is down from a high of close to 20% only ten years ago. The Slovak economy has the third highest gross domestic product in the European Union behind Estonia and Latvia.
Slovakia is one of the best educated countries in the European Union, and over 90% of citizens have finished their secondary education. This is the largest amount in the entire European Union. The literacy rates are also high, and this country boasts reading rates of over 95%. Slovak women are also known to marry the youngest in the entire European Union at the age of 24.

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. The currency of Slovakia is the Euro(EUR) Flag of Slovakia

Slovakia belongs to the European continent

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Airports in Slovakia

Bratislava Ivanka, Poprad - Tatry, Dolny Hricov, Kosice, Barca, and Sliac

Leaders of Slovakia
The Country dialling code of Slovakia is +421, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Slovakia is .sk

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Slovakia

48 40 N, 19 30 E

Kilometers of coastline

0 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

48,800 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

45 square kilometers

Birth rate

10.65 / 1000 population

Death rate

9.48 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

1,830 sq km
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