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Animals in Macau
Located on a small peninsula in eastern Asia, Macau lies at the western shore of the great Pearl River Delta, opposite Hong Kong. It was a territory of Portugal until 1999, when it became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) within the Peoples' Republic of China.

There seem to be distinct disparities when it comes to animals in Macau. This area has no law that protects animals from abuse nor any laws which punish such offenders. Residents may travel often or live in small homes, limiting their pets to confined areas. In other instances, these animals are simply discarded. When finished with racing, greyhounds in Macau are usually dead within three years. Another "sport" is cricket fighting, although it's illegal to gamble on such.

A shelter for abandoned animals that began in 1997 is Anima. This association strives to spay and neuter dogs and cats in Macau and prevent the birth of these animals back into the streets. Anima aims to reach stray, abandoned dogs and care for them appropriately.

On a lighter note, quite recently two
giant panda
giant pandas were transported to the new panda pavilion at Seac Pai Van Park in Macau's Coloane district. They were quarantined for a month or so and had to get accustomed to their new environment before the pavilion could be opened for public use. This habitat covers an area of 3,000 square meters and contains numerous facilities for medical services and feeding.

Cost of admission to the pavilion is approximately 6.3 dollars. Kai Kai, the male, born in August, 2008, weighs 75kg (just over 165'). The female Xin Xin was born about two weeks afterward and weighs 65kg (143.3'). What do their names mean? "HAPPY," when combined in Chinese. The people of Macau chose these names as a result of a contest a few months beforehand.

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