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Animals in Morocco
Morocco is a country that is made up of mostly desert and is known for its extremely high heat, particularly in mid-day. The plants and animals that live in Morocco have adapted to these conditions over time and have survived in spite of the intense heat and lack of sufficient water. Morocco is the home to several species of animals that are not found in other parts of the world.


Approximately 105 species of animals live in Morocco, and of these, 18 are on the endangered species list. The most typical type of mammal to live in Morocco is the
dorcas gazelle
dorcas gazelle. This type of gazelle is the smallest of its species, and it is recognizable by its extremely long legs and curved horns. Both male and female dorcas gazelles have full sets of horns. To compensate for the lack of fresh water, dorcas gazelles absorb water from the Acacia leaves that make up the majority of their diet. Due to the intensity of the mid-day sun, dorcas gazelles are usually only spotted being active in the early morning and late evening hours.

A type of dog that is unique to Morocco is the Sloughi breed. They are fast dogs that people of that nation use for hunting purposes. Their appearance is close to that of a greyhound.


There are more than 450 types of birds that have managed to survive the desert heat of Morocco. Pelicans and gulls can be found most often on the coast lines, while partridges, woodpeckers, doves, pigeons and pheasants are more often found in the desert areas. Bird species that are typically only seen in zoos in the United States, such as ostriches, swans and flamingoes, originate from Morocco and must be shipped overseas for anyone outside of Morocco to see them.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Morocco.
Even-toed ungulates in Morocco
Cuvier's gazelle
Addra gazelle
Dorcas gazelle
Wild boar
Sahara oryx
Common hartebeest
Carnivores in Morocco
Common otter
Asiatic jackal
African caracal
Sand cat
Mediterranean monk seal
Wild cat
Cross fox
Least weasel
Fennec fox
Egyptian mongoose
Honey badger
Saharan striped polecat
Common genet
African lion
Striped hyaena
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Morocco
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Atlantic dolphin
Blainville's beaked whale
True's beaked whale
Pygmy killer whale
Cuvier's beaked whale
North atlantic right whale
Killer whale
Long-finned pilot whale
Common porpoise
Pygmy sperm whale
Fraser's dolphin
Bats in Morocco
Lesser horseshoe bat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
Mehely's horseshoe bat
Western barbastelle
Lesser mouse-tailed bat
Greater mouse-tailed bat
European free-tailed bat
Egyptian free-tailed bat
Naked-rumped tomb bat
Long-fingered bat
Geoffroy's bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Giant noctule
Lesser noctule
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Rüppel's pipistrelle
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Canary big-eared bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Trident bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Morocco
Cape hare
European rabbit
Elephant-shrews in Morocco
North african elephant shrew
Primates in Morocco
Barbary ape
Rodents in Morocco
Barbary ground squirrel
Guinea multimammate mouse
Sundevall's jird
Val's gundi
Libyan jird
Asian garden dormouse
Algerian mouse
Striped ground squirrel
Greater short-tailed gerbil
Lesser egyptian gerbil
Western gerbil
Hoogstraal's gerbil
Baluchistan gerbil
Occidental gerbil
Lesser short-tailed gerbil
Tarabul's gerbil
Fat-tailed gerbil
Shaw's jird
Crested porcupine
Lesser egyptian jerboa
Greater egyptian jerboa
Long-tailed field mouse
Fat sand rat
Barbary lemniscomys
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