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Animals in Mexico
Mexico has 200,000 different species and contains 10 ' 12% of the earth's biodiversity. This megadiverse country's ecosystems range from rainforests and deserts to marine and Chaparral. Mexico ranks second in the world for its number of ecosystems and fourth for overall species.

Sheltered in a northeastern Mexican forest is the only known colony of Flat-Headed Myotis. This 2.5 gram bat weighs about the same as two peanuts and has a hunting range smaller than Mexico City. Named for its distinctive flat forehead, scientists recently rediscovered eight members of this rare species that had been declared extinct.

Mexican islands are the endemic home for two rodents, the Margarita Island Kangaroo Rat and the San Jose Island Kangaroo Rat. Each rodent lives on the island for which it is named and no where else on the planet. Both are critically endangered because they exist on less than 100 km2 and their populations are declining.

The Mexican Caecilian is a legless-amphibian that lives in burrows and swallows its prey whole. It emerges from the ground at dusk and after light rainfalls to feed. The Caecilian's tiny eyes and retractable tentacles are used to search for food.

Axolotl, the Mexican walking fish, is an aquatic salamander that can regenerate most of its body parts. It is endemic to two lakes in central Mexico.

Mexico is the destination for two marathon migrations, the monarch butterfly and the
gray whale
gray whale. Every year one billion monarch butterflies travel 2,500 miles to spend the winter in Michoac'n's pine and oyamel fir forest. The 36-ton gray whales migrate 6,000 miles to Baja peninsula to mate and give birth to their calves. This distance holds the record for the longest known mammal migration.

Mexico is home to some of the most interesting animals on earth.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Mexico.
Even-toed ungulates in Mexico
Collared peccary
White-lipped peccary
Black-tailed deer
Bighorn sheep
White-tailed deer
Red brocket
Mexican pronghorn
Carnivores in Mexico
North american otter
Hooded skunk
Guadalupe fur seal
La plata otter
Striped skunk
Bay lynx
Eastern spotted skunk
Pygmy spotted skunk
Common hog-nosed skunk
Sea otter
Greater grison
Long-tailed weasel
American badger
Northern elephant seal
Common seal
Californian sea lion
Northern raccoon
American black bear
Brown bear
Caribbean monk seal
Gray fox
Cozumel island raccoon
Central american cacomistle
Tres marias islands raccoon
American jackal
Arctic wolf
American hog-nosed skunk
Eyra cat
Amazonian hog-nosed skunk
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Mexico
Melon-headed whale
Killer whale
Pygmy sperm whale
Fraser's dolphin
Pacific white-sided dolphin
Devil fish
Dall's porpoise
Common minke whale
Coalfish whale
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Bryde's whale
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Pygmy killer whale
Bridled dolphin
Baird's beaked whale
Atlantic spinner dolphin
Pacific pilot whale
Euphrosyne dolphin
False killer whale
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Atlantic dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Cuvier's beaked whale
Rough-toothed dolphin
Grey dolphin
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Lesser beaked whale
Northern right whale dolphin
Bats in Mexico
Big free-tailed bat
Black myotis
Peninsular myotis
Aztec fruit-eating bat
Flat-headed myotis
Hairy fruit-eating bat
Long-legged bat
Fringed myotis
California leaf-nosed bat
Cave myotis
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Underwood's long-tongued bat
Fish-eating bat
Great fruit-eating bat
Allen's big-eared bat
Brazilian brown bat
Long-legged myotis
Pygmy fruit-eating bat
Argentine brown bat
Yuma myotis
Greater dog-like bat
Striped hairy-nosed bat
Toltec fruit-eating bat
Spix's disk-winged bat
Big brown bat
Lesser dog-like bat
Mexican funnel-eared bat
Black mastiff bat
Fringe-lipped bat
Silver-haired bat
Allen's yellow bat
Spotted bat
Salvin's big-eyed bat
Hawaiian hoary bat
Genoways's yellow bat
Black bonneted bat
Pale-faced bat
Bonda mastiff bat
Hairy big-eyed bat
Slender yellow bat
Dwarf bonneted bat
Pale spear-nosed bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Red bat
Least yellow bat
Wagner's bonneted bat
Western pipistrelle
Miller's mastiff bat
Godman's long-tailed bat
Southern yellow bat
Little yellow bat
Sanborn's bonneted bat
Eastern pipistrelle
Heller's broad-nosed bat
Sinaloan mastiff bat
Mexican long-tongued bat
Northern yellow bat
Black-winged little yellow bat
Western bonneted bat
Townsend's big-eared bat
Big-eared wooly bat
Thomas's sac-winged bat
Seminole bat
Proboscis bat
Mexican big-eared bat
Ghost-faced bat
Gray sac-winged bat
Tent-maiking bat
Banana bat
Brown tent-making bat
Greater sac-winged bat
Silver-tipped myotis
Little yellow-eared bat
Greater long-nosed bat
Lesser sac-winged bat
Big crested mastiff bat
Southwestern myotis
Great stripe-faced bat
Southern long-nosed bat
Commissaris's long-tongued bat
California myotis
Waterhouse's leaf-nosed bat
Spectral bat
Gray long-tongued bat
Davy's naked-backed bat
Western long-tongued bat
Big naked-backed bat
Elegant myotis
Dark long-tongued bat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Parnell's mustached bat
Long-eared myotis
Common vampire bat
Silky short-tailed bat
Little yellow-shouldered bat
Highland yellow-shouldered bat
Wagner's mustached bat
Findley's myotis
White-winged vampire bat
Seba's short-tailed bat
Lesser bulldog bat
Cinnamon myotis
Northern ghost bat
Gray short-tailed bat
Greater bulldog bat
Hairy-legged myotis
Hairy-legged vampire bat
Geoffroy's tailless bat
Evening bat
Peale's free-tailed bat
Eastern small-footed myotis
Shaggy bat
Pocketed free-tailed bat
Little brown bat
Wrinkle-faced bat
Broad-eared bat
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Tomes's sword-nosed bat
Miller's myotis
Schmidts's big-eared bat
Pallid bat
American marsupials in Mexico
Gray four-eyed opossum
Water opossum
Central american woolly opossum
Grayish mouse opossum
Common opossum
Virginia opossum
Mexican mouse opossum
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Mexico
Antelope jackrabbit
Black-tailed jackrabbit
Audubon's cottontail
Forest rabbit
Volcano rabbit
Tehuantepec hare
White-sided jackrabbit
Black jackrabbit
Eastern cottontail
Tres marias cottontail
Brush rabbit
Omilteme cottontail
San jose brush rabbit
Mexican cottontail
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Mexico
Baird's tapir
Primates in Mexico
Black-handed spider monkey
Guatemalan black howler monkey
Golden-mantled howling monkey
Rodents in Mexico
Buller's chipmunk
Yucatan squirrel
Desmarest's spiny pocket mouse
Hairy harvest mouse
Zempoaltepec vole
Merriam's kangaroo rat
Slevins's mouse
Desert kangaroo rat
Narrow-skulled pocket mouse
Black-tailed mouse
Arizona pocket mouse
Vesper rat
Durango chipmunk
Alston's brown mouse
Gaumer's spiny pocket mouse
Western harvest mouse
Nelson's kangaroo rat
Gleaning mouse
California vole
Bailey's pocket mouse
Plains pocket mouse
Fulvous pygmy rice rat
Merriam's chipmunk
Allen's cotton rat
Goldman's spiny pocket mouse
Mexican harvest mouse
Ord's kangaroo rat
San esteban island mouse
Guatemalan vole
California pocket mouse
Silky pocket mouse
California chipmunk
Arizona cotton rat
Nelson's spiny pocket mouse
Small-toothed harvest mouse
Pinyon mouse
Mexican vole
San diego pocket mouse
Little pocket mouse
Mearns's grasshopper mouse
Mearns's squirrel
Tawny-bellied cotton rat
Allen's wood rat
Plains harvest mouse
Phillips's kangaroo rat
Winkelmann's mouse
Tarabundi vole
Long-tailed pocket mouse
Great basin pocket mouse
Northern grasshopper mouse
Hispid cotton rat
Cozumel harvest mouse
Yucatan deer mouse
Meadow vole
Goldman's pocket mouse
Pemberton's deer mouse
Southern grasshopper mouse
Botta's pocket gopher
White-eared cotton rat
Sumichrast's harvest mouse
Chiapan deer mouse
Jalapan pine vole
Hispid pocket mouse
Rock pocket mouse
Aztec mouse
Southern pocket gopher
Jaliscan cotton rat
Narrow-nosed harvest mouse
Nelson's pocket mouse
Brush mouse
Oaxacan pocket gopher
Yellow-nosed cotton rat
Zacatecas harvest mouse
Desert pocket mouse
Perote mouse
Hispid pocket gopher
Tropical ground squirrel
Mexican water mouse
North american porcupine
Sinaloan pocket mouse
Southern pygmy mouse
California mouse
Nelson's rice rat
Ring-tailed ground squirrel
Thomas's water mouse
Nelson and coldman's woodrat
Spiny pocket mouse
Northern pygmy mouse
Burt's deer mouse
Alfaro's rice rat
Baja california rock squirrel
Diminutive woodrat
Canyon mouse
Chapman's rice rat
California ground squirrel
Anthony's woodrat
Dickey's deer mouse
Coues's rice rat
Sierra madre ground squirrel
Bunker's woodrat
Zacatecan deer mouse
Black-eared rice rat
Chiapan climbing rat
Mexican ground squirrel
San martin island woodrat
Cactus mouse
Striped rice rat
Peters's climbing rat
Perote ground squirrel
White-throated woodrat
Eva's desert mouse
Long-nosed rice rat
Tumbala climbing rat
Round-tailed ground squirrel
Tamaulipan woodrat
Bryant's woodrat
Blackish deer mouse
Cloud forest rice rat
Rock squirrel
Arizona woodrat
Mexican prairie dog
Osgood's mouse
Michoacan deer mouse
Mexican hairy dwarf porcupine
Desert pocket gopher
Dusky-footed woodrat
Arizona black-tailed prairie dog
Angel island mouse
Hatt's vesper rat
Texas pocket gopher
Tropical pocket gopher
Goldman's woodrat
Central american agouti
Guatemalan deer mouse
Big-eared climbing rat
Deppe's squirrel
Desert woodrat
Mexican agouti
Naked-eared deer mouse
Allen's squirrel
Mexican woodrat
Mesquite mouse
Hooper's mouse
Arizona gray squirrel
Southern plains woodrat
Harris's antelope squirrel
Mexican deer mouse
San lorenzo mouse
Alcorn's pocket gopher
Magdalena rat
Red-bellied squirrel
Nelson's woodrat
Espirito santo island sqirrel
Northern rock mouse
Oaxaca giant deer mouse
White-footed mouse
Buller's pocket gopher
Collie's squirrel
Bolaños woodrat
Texas antelope squirrel
El carrizo deer mouse
Nelson's giant deer mouse
Nimble-footed mouse
Yellow-faced pocket gopher
Michoacan pocket gopher
Mexican spiny pocket mouse
Western gray squirrel
Sonoran woodrat
White-tailed antelope sqirrel
White-ankled mouse
Thomas's giant deer mouse
Tres marias island mouse
Spotted paca
Smoky pocket gopher
Painted spiny pocket mouse
Mexican fox squirrel
Chinanteco deer mouse
Turner island woodrat
Abert's squirrel
Marsh mouse
Brown deer mouse
Llano pocket gopher
Salvin's spiny pocket mouse
Eastern fox squirrel
Slender-tailed deer mouse
Mexican volcano mouse
Sonoran harvest mouse
Spotted ground squirrel
Chihuahuan mouse
American beaver
Puebla deer mouse
Merriam's pocket gopher
Jaliscan spiny pocket mouse
Crested-tailed deer mouse
Volcano harvest mouse
Cliff chipmunk
False canyon mouse
San quintin kangaroo rat
Querétaro pocket gopher
Peters's squirrel
Jico deer mouse
Fulvous harvest mouse
Giant pocket gopher
San jose island kangaroo rat
Santa cruz mouse
Agile kangaroo rat
Plateau mouse
Naked-nosed pocket gopher
Variegated squirrel
Slender harvest mouse
Big pocket gopher
Margarita island kangaroo rat
Nayarit mouse
Gulf coast kangaroo rat
Little desert pocket mouse
Black-eared mouse
Zinser's pocket gopher
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Mexico
American manatee
Edentates in Mexico
Northern naked-tailed armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
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